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National Security Definition, Examples

National Security Definition

National Security Definition, Examples: The ability of a country’s government to safeguard its citizens. Economy, and other institutions is known as national security. Additionally, national security in the 21st century encompasses a wide range of non-military functions.

National Security Definition, Examples

National Security Definition

Principles Of Safety

It became clear that defining national security in terms of conventional military warfare. It was a thing of the past when nuclear weapons were developed.

And the Cold War loomed large over much of twentieth-century America. Government policymakers in the United States today are tasked with balancing.

Hence the competing demands of a number of “national assets.” These include economic security, political security, energy security, homeland security, cybersecurity, human security, and environmental protection.

Priorities And Goals

It has long state in the Clinton administration’s “A National Security Strategy for a New Century,” released in 1998. That protecting American citizens. However preserving the United States’ sovereignty and ensuring the economic well-being of our people. And are our primary national security objectives.

The Interim National Security Strategic Guidance. Issued by President Joe Biden in March 2021, established the following fundamental national security goals and priorities,

In order to maintain and grow America’s strength. We must protect and nurture the foundations of our country. Including our people, economy, national defence, and democracy.

Hence discourage and prevent enemies from directly threatening the USA or its allies. Restricting access to global natural resources or dominating key regions by encouraging a more equitable distribution of power; and

Promote an open and democratic international system supported by strong democratic alliances, partnerships, multilateral organisations, and rules.

Following Terrorism War’s Long-Term Effects

The USA Patriot Act’s newfound authority for law enforcement agencies. That went far beyond the act’s original goal of combating terrorism.

Even when dealing with non-al-Qaeda criminal suspects, police departments. That have begun using military vehicles, body armour, and other equipment left over from the Afghanistan. And Iraq wars, blurring the line between the two types of operations.

National And International Security

National security and global security have separate since the War on Terror became a multinational undertaking.

Therefore it is has define as the preservation of social norms and values by Professor Samuel Makinda in his book “Security Studies.”

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