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New York Ufo | UFOs Will Be Discussed In Congress Next Week

New York Ufo

New York Ufo | UFOs Will Be Discussed In Congress Next Week: To get more information from the Pentagon as well as other security agencies regarding claims of unexplained aircraft breaking protected airspace, a House intelligence committee will host a public meeting on UFOs next Tuesday, the first in decades.

The hearing before the House Intelligence Committee’s Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, & Counterproliferation Subcommittee comes 5 months.

That after National Defense Authorization Act needed the military to set up a permanent UFO research institution. Also, take other steps to collect as well as investigate reports of “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

On Tuesday, the subcommittee chair, Rep. André Carson, issued a statement saying that “the American people expect and want their leaders in government & intelligence to thoroughly review.

As well as respond either to potential national security risks—especially ones we do not fully understand. A national security danger and a topic of considerable curiosity to the American public. That UFOs have occupied much of my time in Congress since my election.

New York Ufo | UFOs Will Be Discussed In Congress Next Week

New York Ufo

The Hearing “Will Teach American Students About These Cases”

Pentagon’s senior intelligence official Ronald Moultrie and Naval Intelligence Deputy Director Scott Bray will appear before the panel.

According to Carson’s statement, the hearing “will offer the American students a chance for learning what there is to learn about these instances.”

Congress has been debating the subject since POLITICO as Well as the New York Times reported in 2017 that the Pentagon maintained a covert UFO research office.

Also, that many Navy pilots and radar operator had come out with their accounts of experiences with odd, high-performance objects.

Legislators have scheduled a hearing “to make sure the American people get access to info that one‘s tax dollars paid for it in the first place,” said Luis Elizondo.

A former U.s. defense official who arrived forward in 2017 with his disappointments that not enough focus was being paid to knowing the aerial intrusions.

In response to a request from the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Director of National Intelligence published a report in June 2021 detailing 144 reports of recent unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

Including 18 incidents in which observers “reported unusual UAP movement patterns or flight characteristics.”

According To The Findings Of The Study | New York Ufo

The study states, “Some UAP appeared to remain motionless in winds aloft, to move against the wind, to maneuver abruptly. Also to travel at high speed without discernible propulsion.

” In a few instances, radio frequency energy connect with UAP sightings was process by military aircraft systems. Carson state at the time that he was committed to attend public hearings and that “we cannot rule out something extraterrestrial.”

The December defense bill also requires the Pentagon to prepare a “strategy for the gathering and analysis of intelligence to gain. As much information as possible on the operational and technical characteristics, origins, or rather purposes of unidentified aerial occurrences.”

This includes identifying employees throughout the government “to respond swiftly to problems or observations.” The measure also required an annual report & semiannual briefing for Congress with details of all UAP occurrences.

Including those “connected by military nuclear assets, such as strategic nuclear weapons & nuclear powered ships and submarines,” according to the language of the bill.

In recent weeks, briefings behind closed doors on the Pentagon’s progress in implementing the legislation have begun. POLITICO reporte last week that a number of lawmakers are dismay that Pentagon is still not treating the issue seriously enough.

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intel Committee, expressed optimism about the next stage of congressional scrutiny on Tuesday.

In a press release announcing the public hearing, he stated. “There is still much to learn about mysterious aerial occurrences. IN addition, the potential hazards they may present to our national security.”

It Was Congress’ First UFO Hearing | New York Ufo

In order to contextualize and analyze reports of UAPs, governmental agencies, such as the CIA. Also, the Department of Defense, must play a crucial role.

For Schiff, the hearing’s goal is to provide a venue for experts. Also, officials in the intelligence community to speak directly to the public about one of the big mysteries of our time.

Also, then to break the cycle of secrecy and speculation with the truth and openness that comes with it.

It was the first time Congress has had a public hearing on UFOs since the Air Force finished Project Blue Book in 1969.

“It’s been 50 years since a congressional hearing,” says UFO researcher Alejandro Rojas. “But Congress seemed less serious back then than they are now. They want government UFO hunting.”

He added it’s unclear whether national security services will follow Congress’ orders. “Congress wants something different than what DoD is offering,” Rojas added. “They’re accused of slacking. Congress is sending a clear message that they want action.”

Elizondo said he feel vindicated and thinks the hearing is the start of many to help reveal. What the intelligence and military services have been hiding regarding UAPs.

“We must look at this as a rare nonpartisan opportunity to learn,” he said.

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