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Onyx Kelly | Iggy Azalea Has Stopped Sharing Pictures Of Her Son

Onyx Kelly

Onyx Kelly | Iggy Azalea Has Stopped Sharing Pictures Of Her Son: Iggy Azalea had previously expressed her desire for her 15 month old son Onyx Kelly to “have a chance and be her own person” in an interview with PEOPLE.

Iggy Azalea has dealt with her fair share of drama on social media, but she has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the her son’s online reputation.

Onyx Kelly | Iggy Azalea Has Stopped Sharing Pictures Of Her Son

Onyx Kelly

Iggy Will Not Be Posting Any More Images?

The 31-year-old woman, who has been nominated for four Grammys. Also, made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday. That she will not be posting any more images of her 15-month-old daughter Onyx Kelly. She was responding to certain internet fans whom she refers to as her “second audience.”

Azalea explained her decision in the tweet, writing, “I’ve decided I won’t blogging about Onyx and sharing pics online anymore.” “Y’all are not going to go out playing with the baby while I’m keeping an eye on you, no way!”

She gave birth to her first child in April of last year with her ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti, 24, and she has since announced that the couple broke up in October.

These days, the jubilant mother refuses to participate in any controversy involving Carti’s fans “I don’t joke around when it comes to my child. At ALLLLLLL, “She stated this in a tweet not too long ago.

Previous to this, Azalea responded to someone who had posted a screenshot via her Instagram Story containing a snapshot of Onyx dressed up as a dinosaur.

My Child Will Not Be Plagued By The Thought?

The person who did this had criticized Onyx. She said in a tweet a paraphrase from someone else’s words, “Imagine being quite so miserable. That as you ridicule a one-year-old child for choosing his own dress.” “You all are so stupid and uninterested, and it’s truly a darn shame.”

In a followup post, Azalea said the following: My child isn’t a sub brand to his fathers followers so obsess over it or clown. As well as on the reality is also that y’all really do not like the mom.

You think it’s nice to be disrespectful about just a baby and what crazy crap he wears. Be aware that I should smack you in person, as will his father, the other guy said.

“Originality may be learned by fostering autonomous thought,” she went on to say after that. “My child will never be burdened by the idea that he MUST have something simply. Because the next manufacturer insists that he does. This education starts right now and continues indefinitely until he is self-assured enough to do HIM.”

He Pushed Onyx To Be Himself | Onyx Kelly

Recently, this End of an Era rapper gave an interview to PEOPLE. Also, in which she discussed how he encouraged Onyx to be true to who she is. “I want him to be able to stand on his own two feet. It does not want him to have such strong feelings for me, “earlier in this month, she had stated.

“I hope that he will be given the opportunity to be his own unique person. And I wouldn’t want folks to recognize him and have an opinion on him. As well as before they have even met him and before he has even chosen who he is.

Also, because I don’t want that to happen “Azalea continued. “I sincerely hope that he will treat everyone with consideration. That is one of my primary concerns. I’d like it if he could just be nice.”

Azalea has also said Onyx is so so loved by his dad and has always had both mom and dad in his life from day one. This comes after she wrote some not so cryptic things about her breakup with Carti. Also, saying that she is “having to raise my son alone and I’m not in a relationship.”

Azalea wrote after they broke up, “Nothing I said was meant to make it sound as though my son’s father was not in his life, but I’ve seen that a lot of people did take it that way, so I wished to clear the air.”

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