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Pepe Wow | How Pepe Become Celebrity, Let’s See

Pepe Wow

Pepe Wow | How Pepe Become Celebrity, Let’s See: Hey guys today I am sharing some useful information about pepe. How pepe become a celebrity. May this information is useful and blownup your mind.

Pepe Wow | How Pepe Become Celebrity, Let’s See

Pepe Wow


Pepe has become something of a celebrity in his own right. He appeared in our garrisons and stole our hearts. Pepe became obsessed with him very quickly.

Blizzard has been feeding that obsession, which we don’t mind. You can interact with him in the game in various ways, and you can even buy a plushie and interact with him in real life!

We all adore Pepe, and I’ve read pages and pages of comments for Pepe, and the information is dispersed throughout the site. People are gushing emotions or making cute comments, burying helpful posts.

So I decided to condense everything I’ve read and learned into one convenient place. Please rate/vote on my article if you enjoy Pepe’s glory.

Pepe’s Biography

On February 24th, 2013, It creates by artist Jordan Powers to add flavor to a project. He adored him so much that he began to incorporate Pepe into everything he did.

Pepe sits on Jorrix Powerspark’s head in Pinchwhistle, the in-game version of Pepe’s creator, Jordan Powers. During Legion Beta, Jordan remarked on the Suramar City menagerie, once home to an adorable flock of Pepes.

But since he removes declaring that Pepe is not a “species” of bird, but simply Pepe. He previously stated that Pepe is a Trans-Dimensional Traveler.

So he can be wherever he wants, whenever he wants. So this explains why he appears in paintings in both Dalaran and the Broken Isles. (Of course, this doesn’t explain why there are two Pepes in Stormshield at the same time.

Interview With Pepe’s Creator By Perculia

Perculia discussed her meeting with Powers at Blizzcon 2016 on Wowhead Weekly on 11/11/16, and they, of course, talked about Pepe. He explained how Pepe’s menagerie came to be and why it was removed.

It turns out he was on vacation while they were designing this Suramar piece. When they needed to populate it, they came across the file “orange bird,” so they used that to fill some of the space. When he returned, he saw it and thought to himself, “omg, Wowhead announces that Pepe is everywhere, this changes the lore.

It cannot,” so he removed them. Perculia went on to say that she liked the idea of Pepe traveling around with people, looking for his family and that it was nice that they were finally together.

Powers admitted that he hadn’t considered it, and it was endearing. So, who knows, perhaps we’ll see something similar in the future?

He also explained to Perculia how Pepe became the character he is in the game. Jeremy Feasel said he would make Pepe a bird that sits on people’s heads instead of a joke, like an easter egg.

Appearances In The Different Expansions

It can be found throughout the beautiful world of Azeroth, beginning with the expansion of Warlords of Draenor and continuing through the current expansion Battle for Azeroth.

Draenor’s Warlords

In Stormshield, you can unwind with Pepe! Walk over to “‘Tanaan’s Fallen” and take a seat next to him on the bench! In Stormshield, he is also sitting on the fence in front of the Alliance AH.

It can also be found in the crow’s nest of your transport ship, keeping an eye on things in your Garrison’s shipyard.

Regardless of level, is chilling in a tree in your Garrison. Clicking on Pepe will remove him from the Tree and place him on your head. /tar can be used to target him.

It is worth noting that in a Level 3 Garrison, Pepe is easier to click. His locations are listed below, according to the tier of your Garrison.

Level 1 Garrison

In Tree to the left of the tent (facing the tent) with your command table.

Level 2 Garrison

Located directly behind the flight path in a tree.

Level 3 Garrison

Locates in the Tree between Large Plot 1 and Medium Plot 2.

Horde Level 1 Garrison

Behind the fortifications in the Tree to the east of your Garrison (outside the wall).

Level 2 Garrison

There is a large tree behind the flight path and to the left (looking towards the town hall).

Level 3 Garrison

To right (as you face the town hall), in a smaller tree overlooking your small buildings.


What an unusual interdimensional journey. It’s obtain by clicking on in your Garrison and sending him on a dangerous quest to kill all of Draenor’s raid and world bosses.

Make sure you don’t die while completing this achievement because you need on your head to get credit for it.

You will receive an achievement and the toy Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle, which allows you to summon Pepe! Many people believe that achieving this goal is more complicated than it is. It is possible to do it on LFR for Raids and Normal for Dungeons.

It is also worth for noting that the final boss in dungeons only requires. So you can leave the jail, collect Pepe, and return. You only need him to kill the bosses listed; he is not required to be present throughout the instance.

Another accomplishment for him is A Frightening Friend, which debuted on Halloween in 2015. It will spawn in your Garrison Graveyard, atop the Raid Tier grave, during this event rather than in the Tree. Click on him to obtain the achievement.

This character will now be able to wear the Scarecrow costume.

When completing the achievement, I Found Pepe. You do not need to have Pepe with you—learning how to find those costumes will teach the character who used to see them how SOMETIMES to summon Pepe while wearing an outfit.

Click on him to earn achievement credit, then learn the item in your bag to add to Pepe’s wardrobe.

Things I’ve Found

Pepe’s Shroud of Pacification is a Cloak from BC that drops in Mount Hyjal.

Pepe appears about 7 seconds into a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft commercial, sitting on the head of a cloaked blue lady.

BlizzCon 2016 ticket and virtual ticket holders will receive an in-game Overwatch reward featuring a BlizzCon-themed Bastion Unit with a Pepe Colored Ganymede.

Pepe was also featured in a Winter Veil 2016 Holiday Picture.

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