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Pokimane Cute, Slams Sexist Abuse And Her Appearance Obsession

Pokimane Cute

Pokimane Cute, Slams Sexist Abuse And Her Appearance Obsession: When it comes to online sexism, Pokimane is no stranger. It’s all come to an end now because other content creators have stepped up their misogynistic comments.

Claiming that her fans follow her solely for her appearance and instructing their community to spam abuse her Twitch chat.

Pokimane Cute, Slams Sexist Abuse And Her Appearance Obsession

Pokimane Cute

Questions On Content Creator

Imane Anys, a 25-year-old streamer (real name), has retaliated. Pokimane questioned why other content creators are so preoccupied with her physical appearance on her livestream yesterday (thanks, Dexerto).

In which she called out the sexist double standards faced on the platform.

What is it about someone’s attractiveness that makes others want to hold it against them? “Like your viewers only like the way that they look and they want to fuck you”.

Would be the general consensus “Pokimane chimed in with a resounding “,” “What’s the big deal if people find a female streamer attractive? How wrong can it be to be attracted to an attractive person?”

“Why is that being used to denigrate the work of female streamers in this way? That’s what I’m unable to comprehend. They never say, “You’re a shit actor because your audience thinks you’re cute,””””


JiDion had targeted Pokimane and her Twitch fans in his feud with Keemstar, prompting Pokimane to retaliate. Therefore Fans of JiDion were told that she was not going to fuck them on her own stream.

He went on to make a sexually explicit comment about the streamer. That may have contributed to his two-week ban shortly after.

They believe that Pokimane is putting on a fake persona on stream in order to attract fans, which they believe to be a unique trait of hers.

After his ban, JiDion changed his Twitter profile picture to one of a bare-faced Pokimane. Indicating that he has an issue with her wearing makeup. She must have come up with something new.

When Pokimane’s Twitch stream was shut down early because of copyright violations. She was banned from the platform herself.

Pokimane was watching Avatar with her chat and streaming full episodes without permission. Hence like many other streamers recently.

Streamer Disguised Toast was also banned for broadcasting episodes of Death Note, a fellow Death Note streamer.

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