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Precordial Catch Syndrome | Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

Precordial Catch Syndrome

Precordial Catch Syndrome | Symptoms, Cause, Treatment:  Sudden, intense chest pain can cause concern that you might have a severe problem with your heart or lung. But when the pain went almost as fast as it happened. One has no other symptoms, and the Precordial Catch Syndrome can be an unsafe condition.

In this Syndrome, the most common cause of chest pain in children, youth, and young adults is not known to most. This pain, as if anyone had pierced a cup into the chest, may feel intensely. But there are nobody changes or problems. In a short time, the feeling is gone.

After one of the doctors study it, doctors sometimes call it Texidor’s sharp localized pain.

Precordial Catch Syndrome | Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

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There is Sharp pain on the left side of the chest near the heart indicates the symptoms of Precordial Catch Syndrome. You can spot the pain in a small area. It won’t emit anywhere else in the body. But if it was an assault on the heart.

When you breathe deeply, when you move, pain can get worse. If one doesn’t breathe deeply, you may decide to remain still and take very few deep breathes while you are in pain.

Then you can begin to feel bright. The symptoms of this are not direct. It will occur due to the way you breathe.

Precordial catch syndrome pain usually went down to three minutes after 30 seconds. For up to half an hour, some people may experience this. As soon as the pain goes slowly, you will feel normal again.

The only symptom you feel must be a sharp pain.

The Reasons Of Precordial Catch Syndrome

Doctors sometimes have no idea what causes Precordial Catch Syndrome. It is a sign of a tensed nerve or a jerky muscle movement within the lining inside the thrust or thoroughfare. The heart or the lung does not suffer. There is no link with the circumstances.

It will occur in some people in the strong stream during growth. In others, stress or anxiety could happen.

It may become more likely if you are still in poor condition. When they are inactive, many people have it. As if sitting in front of the TV. It’s not happening regularly and eating or sleeping.


You will do a physical exam if you decide to see a doctor. You ask questions about symptoms and the history of medicine. Assume you’re sure you haven’t got any other signs. One may not have to test the risk factors of another condition. If the doctor thinks that a problem can arise, an x-ray or an ultrasound may be ordered.


Pain is rapidly gone from Precordial Catch Syndrome. Therefore, Pain Medicine or other treatment should not be required.

Most people see this in their chests if they feel the intense wound of pain. Deep respiration may cause discomfort to go away even if it hurts to take deep respiration. Extending or changing your posture also helps you to feel better.

A Picture

Children can receive Precordial Catch Syndrome at the age of six. Only once in a lifetime will the pain happen. It could return a couple of times.

When you are in your 20s, people usually stop having pain.

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