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Productive Meeting- How to make them more productive

Productive Meeting- How to make them more productive: Defining a clear purpose before starting a meeting will aid in understanding the objectives of the forum and what to expect after the session. An influential meeting agenda clearly states what to do and what to expect during and after the meeting. It also helps participants prepare for the meeting, exchange information requirements, and determine the means to achieve goals. Ensure meetings start and finish on time. The period that said, there should also be plenty of time for the debate to get multiple perspectives from the attendees.

Productive Meeting- How to make them more productive


What is a Meeting – Gathering of People For a Particular Purpose

Ideally it should happen for formal discussions with predefined agenda & goal to achieve. But reality is bit different. Let’s think about :

  • Is this the same picture in actual life ?
  • Whenever we meet in our organization, do we have agenda with us ?
  • Are our meetings completed in predefined time duration ?
  • How many meetings are ended with a productive result ?
  • What is the percentage of total meetings held in last 7 days, where we were able to achieve the actual goal ?
  • How many times we meet on adhoc basis in last 7 days

Few very simple questions but hard to answer.

The most important question is – What is the need to call a meeting:

  • Broadcast any information / status update / decision
  • Discuss any topic, give the opportunity to express and listen the viewpoints of others
  • Discuss the implementation of any technical / non technical stuff
  • Conclude on anything with the agreement of more than one stake holders

I have learnt from one of my seniors – “how one can contribute to make a meeting more productive”.

What to do for productive meetings is much clear now :

  • Always be on time
  • Come prepared at your level best
  • Let’s not try to digress the discussion
  • Contribute to conclude the discussion
  • Try to limit on time duration
  • Have shorter meetings
  • Ensure minutes of meeting to be shared with all stake holders
  • Let’s not attend those meetings in which you neither contribute nor takeaway anything

Let’s rephrase the meaning of the Meeting – 

A time bound discussion with well defined agenda/goal in which everyone should come on time & prepared enough to contribute at their level best. Discussion should not be digressed from agenda, one has to supervise it voluntarily.


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