Home Health Retinoblastoma In Adults, Some Important Information About It

Retinoblastoma In Adults, Some Important Information About It

Retinoblastoma In Adults

Retinoblastoma In Adults, Some Important Information About It: Eye cancer accounts for 0.3-0.4% of all cancers in India. Adults account for 70-80% of all eye cancers in India.

Retinoblastoma In Adults, Some Important Information About It

Retinoblastoma In Adults

What Is Childhood Eye Cancer? | Retinoblastoma In Adults

Eye cancer usually affects the eyelids. Idiopathic intraocular cancer (IOC). Adults’ most common intraocular cancers are melanoma and lymphoma. Therefore, retinoblastoma is most common type of childhood eye cancer.

Hence your doctor will recommend treatment based on the origin of the cancer cells. Eye cancer, like other cancers, can be treated if detected early.

What Is Intraocular Eye Cancer?

Therefore, eye cancer is classified as primary or secondary based on the origin of the cancer cells. Primary intraocular cancer occurs inside the eye.

Adults are diagnosed with Intraocular Melanoma, while children are diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. Secondary intraocular cancer or metastatic cancer spreads from other organs to the eyes. Also it can be caused by lung and breast cancer.

What Causes Eye Cancer?

Although the exact cause of eye cancer is unknown. Studies show that secondary eye cancers can develop from other cancers.

However, some risk factors may contribute to the growth of cancerous cells in and around the eyes.

Light-colored irises are more prone to uveal melanoma (iris cancer) than dark-colored irises.

Age And Gender

Males are more prone than females for developing eye cancer, and risk increases with age.

Hence known risk factors for eye cancer include dysplastic nevus syndrome (multiple inherited melanomas). Oculodermal melanocytosis and BAP1 cancer syndrome.

Hence, moles in eye or on the skin have been linked to an increased risk of uveal eye melanoma.

Also other risk factors include too much sun, radiation, and a family history of cancer.

What Causes Eye Cancer?

Eye cancer often begins without symptoms and goes unnoticed. Consult ophthalmologist. Hence if a person experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Flirts or floaters
  • Halos and shadows around images, especially bright ones
  • A dark mole on white part of eye that grows, gets “angry” blood vessels, or bleeds.
  • Vision loss accompanied by pain
  • One or both eyes bulge (proptosis)
  • A growing lump or tumour on your eyelid or in your eye that has blood vessels
  • Iris colour change

Symptoms to watch for in kids:

  • White in the eye’s centre
  • Suddenly, the eyes appear to be looking elsewhere.
  • Redness and oedema
  • a lot of tears

3 Eye Cancer Facts To Know

Eye cancer has numerous treatment options. Therefore, laser therapy, limited resection, intravenous chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are commonly use.

Eye Cancer is the only potentially fatal ocular disease. In India, 80% of ocular cancer cases are cure if detect early. Therefore, occupational hazards cause most eye cancers. A chemical plant or welding facility requires protective sunglasses.

Other preventive measures include eating a vitamin-rich diet and wearing UV-blocking sunglasses that wrap around the eyes.

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