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RockAuto Part | Things You Should Know About It


Rockauto Part | Things You Should Know About It: The Taylor family found RockAuto, LLC in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1999. Their engineering background, as well as their love of vintage automobiles. The Taylors established RockAuto out of a desire to make public the information hidden behind the auto parts store counter.

Thousands of auto parts from the hundreds of manufacturers are now shipped to customers by RockAuto. Except for Antarctica, APO or FPO addresses are available on every continent.

The RockAuto catalogue is constantly updated with mechanical parts such as brake pads, shock absorbers, and body parts.

Bumpers and mirrors, as well as door handles and carpets, are examples of exterior decorations. Steering Gears, CV Axles, Engine Long Blocks, and complete transmissions are examples of significant assemblies.

There are no mechanics on staff at Rock Auto, a store rather than a repair shop. However, service manuals are available to assist customers in learning how to perform a repair.

Rockauto Part | Things You Should Know About It



It received a consumer rating of 1.55 stars out of 648 reviews. They demonstrated that the majority of customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Customers frequently express dissatisfaction with RockAuto’s customer service.

Problems with faulty parts and return shipping. RockAuto is ranked 304th among Auto Parts websites.

RockAuto Parts – How To Order Quickly And Easily?

Assume you own a car in our day and age. It was apparent a long time ago that one should take advantage of auto part discounts as frequently as possible.

In terms of auto parts, it is nearly the best on the market. RockAuto parts were among the most affordable in the industry. We compete with major corporations such as Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone.

Is RockAuto The Most Suitable Option?

Even though some of the most well-known online resources. RockAuto is not among the top ten auto retailers. In terms of pricing, the company is still regarded as one of the best options.

After finding what one needs on the RockAuto auto parts catalogue list available on the company’s website, one can find many more RockAuto discount auto parts than one might think.

Aside from the low price, there will be another pleasant surprise when paying for the order. Almost always, a 5% discount code can be applied to an order.

RockAuto’s shipping prices have occasionally become exorbitant. The brand would rather lose some of its customers than pay for shipping on auto parts. It must be exchanged for incorrect information in its ordering system.

It is not the best situation for the average customer, even though AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts discounts offer more significant savings. Even with those discounts, auto parts are still more expensive than what RockAuto offers. And values aren’t always available.

Assume you need to replace an auto part in your vehicle, such as a transmission part. Perhaps Advance Auto Parts will sell it for $234.

However, RockAuto offers it for nearly half the price, with an additional $20 for shipping. Many customers will practically pick RockAuto as an example.

And, yes, there will be a match for what RockAuto has to offer. At stores such as Summit Racing and AutoZone. But this isn’t going to happen every day.

So, isn’t it better to stick with what one knows than to spend hours walking around different auto stores? Searching online at various websites may not be reliable in the end?

Assume you need to replace a car part, such as a bearing. It will be available for $219 at Advance Auto Parts. RockAuto, on the other hand, will sell it for $150.

Along with a $20 surcharge for shipping the part. For obvious reasons, the majority of customers will immediately turn to RockAuto. At the same time, most RockAuto parts can be found at other brands, such as AutoZone or Summit Racing, for a price match.

These are still rare occurrences, and it is best to avoid them. What could be more frustrating than wasting countless hours searching online? It was comparing offers from various Auto Retailers.

Let’s say you want to save some money. There is a trick, no matter how much. I am visiting the RockAuto parts catalogue and using the “Trucks” icons or the “Choose for me to Minimize the Cost” feature.

This way, one can locate parts that ship together. It means they will ship from a single warehouse. They will save money on shipping.

RockAuto Parts Are Easy To Order

Let’s say you want to order auto parts from RockAuto. To return a component or cancel an order, go to the Order Status and Returns page.

If you want to order by mail, fill out the form online. Then, for payment, select “Check or Money Order.” The order number should then be written on the check.

There are auto parts stores in multiple locations. Orders are typically place on ships that are regular carriers. Customers cannot pick up the parts on their own.

Assume a customer needs to return a part. They should go to the Order Status and Returns page to see if there are any guidelines available. Their returns will not be returned to the same warehouse, which they have placed an order.

Ordering RockAuto Honda Parts

Ordering auto parts from RockAuto is a reasonably straightforward process. Assume someone wants to order some Honda parts. Nothing is simpler.

Choose the model and then the category of parts required, based on the parts available in the RockAuto auto parts catalogue. A new page will appears with list of available details listed by price from low to high.

Keep in mind that the same procedure applies regardless of the car’s model.

RockAuto Parts Makes a Comeback

Assume you order some parts from Rock Auto. However, something is wrong with the order, and one wishes to return it. The Order Status and Returns page should visit first. Check the order’s status and request a change or return the items.

To begin the process, one must first provide an email or phone number. Fill in the appropriate fields with the order number, then click the Find Order button. In addition, if the order number is unknown, use the Order database section.

If you need additional assistance before deciding to return the auto parts, you can always choose to report the problem with the order or shipment.

Return instructions find on the page mentioning above. I am unable to locate any return tracking or shipping label information.

Additional Information

Is it necessary to replace any parts of the car? Auto parts for vehicles are not new, as most people are aware. They are also challenging to find these days, and the prices are not as low as one might think.

Furthermore, one can avoid this if one purchases from the RockAuto catalogue because the lower prices cannot find anywhere else.

The engine size is the same regardless of the car’s model. It’s the year, and you’ll almost certainly see the parts you need there.

The prices that are listing there are usually for individual parts. However, they typically sell “X” product packages; for example, a spark plug will cost only $1.18 if purchased individually.

However, if one buys it in packs of four, one will save money because each one will cost $0.99.

In general, the company sells over a million different parts. As one might expect, a single warehouse cannot hold them all. So there are several, not just one.

Assume you want to save money when buying from RockAuto. If possible, purchase the parts from a single warehouse.

By selecting this option, one can avoid all of the shipping costs. That goes to the more expensive carriers.

The truck icons in the company’s catalogue indicate that those specific parts can ship together. With the other parts, one has already made a choice.

When Purchasing R and R Parts From RockAuto
The Procedure Is As Follows:

  • One buys an R and R part.
  • RockAuto receives the payment.
  • The company will then place one of the necessary guidelines in the Inbox.
  • The email will include instructions on where to send the old part.
  • To send the part to the manufacturer, one must pay the carrier, such as UPS or FedEx.
  • The shipping costs for returning the part to one are add to the order total.
  • R and R pats are exempt from core expenses. If, for some reason, a core fee is apply to the order. Along with the R and R guidelines, one will receive a refund.
  • If an old part cannot be remanufactured, the part will be returned. There are exceptions to the rebuild cost refund for testing—handling charges imposed by the manufacturer.
  • Assume you are a devote customer. RockAuto, as most people are aware, does not offer discounts. Special offers are available for larger orders or businesses. The discount programme, however, is still available.
  • The company provides you with returning or loyal customers. After purchasing an auto part from RockAuto, you will receive a 5% promotional code in your Inbox within 30 days.

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