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Sasha And Niccolo | Everything You Want To Know About

Sasha And Niccolo

Sasha And Niccolo | Everything You Want To Know About: Niccolo is a member of the first Mahr patrol ship dispatched to Paradise Island in Aot, and he was one of the first soldiers to arrive on the island. He is a well-known chef on Paradise Island.

Sasha And Niccolo | Everything You Want To Know About

Sasha And Niccolo

Appearance Niccolo Aot

Niccolo is an average-sized, blonde-haired, trim man in Aot. He wears the national uniform frequently, as do all Mahr army Mahr army members. Because he lives in Paradise and wears a chef’s uniform when preparing food. Wearing gloomy attire, he heads to the cemetery of Sasha Braus.

Niccolo Aot Is A Well-Known Public Figure

As was the case with most Mahrs, Niccolo Aot was awed by the Eldians. While he was in the hands of Hansi Zoe, he even begged his boss to carry out assassination missions against members of the Exploration Battalion. His anti-Eldian sentiments faded after being imprisoned and held in Paradise Island.

Niccolo Aot’s Story | Sasha And Niccolo

Niccolo served as a Scout on the first Mahr destroyer stationed at Paradise Island. While serving as a member of the Exploration Battalion, he was seized by his fellow soldiers. Hansi then approached the ship’s commanders and tried to make the impression that he and the crew were friendly.

Even nevertheless, Nicolo rejected the invitation and ordered his commander to shoot the islanders. He saw Jelena put the former to death, but he had no authority to bear witness to it. After that, he was apprehended by island police.

It was discovered the following day that Niccolo was preparing fish for the island’s elves by cooking them. It wasn’t until the Braus family began eating his food and complimenting it that he began to feel sympathy for demons. His attitude toward them had completely shifted.

When he learned of Sasha’s passing, he went to her burial and was confronted by Eldian, who accused him of being at her grave because of his ethnicity. Sasha’s death was confirmed by Jean, Conny, and Mikasa. They revealed to Sasha that the person responsible for her death was a Mahr imitator. In addition to Conny and Mikasa’s intervention, Jean apologised.

Why Niccolo Became Irritated

Niccolo explained to her that he had no obligation to apologise because all he did was provide meals. After serving Sasha, Conny walked in and congratulated him for his hard work. Shortly thereafter, Sasha’s parents showed there, demanding to be reunited. Niccolo decided to introduce himself after letting them wait for a time. According to him, the cuisine that he prepared was loved by his daughter, and he would be happy for them to try it out in remembrance of their loved one. Niccolo’s grief-stricken father was able to shake Niccolo’s hand in agreement.

Niccolo, who had invited Braus and Braus to stay with him, went out of his way to greet them. Their size far exceeded his wildest expectations. He built them first, then returned to the kitchen to serve them. To let others from his Battalion of exploration and inquire about him, he had to take a short break from the meal.

He then led them to a room where they could wait in a waiting area, but he became irritated when Jean insisted on drinking the wine from a bottle reserved solely for the High-Grades. On his way back into the kitchen, Niccolo was soon joined by Gaby and Falco, who each had a bottle of wine in their hands. The next day, he was astonished to learn that the two boys were warriors in training and demanded proof that they had slain an enemy soldier upon arriving in Paradise.

Why Did Nicolo Throw The Bottle At Gaby?

Angered, Niccolo threw a bottle at Gaby as he tried to smack her, and Gaby bragged about their next counterattack. She was saved, though, when Falco jumped in between the two of them to protect her. He also took advantage of her slumber to strike her on the forehead.

Once he and the Braus had joined forces, he threw Gaby on the ground and tucked Falco under his arm. He informed the Braus family that Gaby had slain their daughter, Sasha Braus, and that they were aware of Gaby’s true identity. As a warning, he gave Arthur Braus his own knife and threatened to kill the man who didn’t kill her. Members of the battalion then entered the room to find out the truth.

Niccolo was adamant about getting back at Sasha, and he threatened to assassinate Falco if she did anything. Because Gaby knew Falco was innocent, he told him not to take any action against him. Her outbursts infuriated him and he lashed out at her. Then he started talking about how much he cared about Sasha, despite the fact that they didn’t get along. As a result of her influence on his perspective on food, he realised that rather than struggling for the satisfaction of others, cooking for them could do the same for him.

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