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Schoonover Punisher, Their Words And Incident

Schoonover Punisher

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Schoonover Punisher, Their Words And Incident

Schoonover Punisher

Ray Words

Col. Ray Schoonover (Clancy Brown), Castle’s former commanding officer, testified to the vigilante’s heroism in Afghanistan.

Schoonover reveal as a Blacksmith, a mysterious drug lord who has established a heroin trade in New York City to rival Madame Gao’s.

Castle (Jon Bernthal) confronted his former mentor to save Karen Page (Deborah Ann Wohl) and avenge his family’s loss.

Hence schoonover taunted Castle as he was led to his execution, revealing the truth behind the massacre: “You think it’s all about a bad drug deal? So you think.

Frank, you’re losing it. You’re kids at the park? That’s never been the point. It happened to you — to us — in Kandahar. EVER let that go?”

What’s Up In Kandahar?

Hence operation Cerberus was an elite team tasked with covertly capturing, interrogating, and killing “high-value targets” under the direction of mysterious CIA agent known only as Agent Orange (“I point, you shoot,” he instructed them).

It wasn’t clear why Cerberus was dubbed “the American Taliban” by locals. It didn’t exist, and it operated outside the law and, it turns out, congressional authority. But that’s only a fraction of what happened in Kandahar.

Along with the morally and legally problematic aspects of war, there was an illegal heroin operation that made Cerberus’ stated purpose seem almost quaint in comparison.

Cerberus was funded by Schoonover, Agent Orange (Paul Schulze) and Col. Morty Bennett, the Kandahar base’s head of mortuary services.

Carson Wolf (C. Thomas Howell), the NYPD’s special agent in charge, was also involved in the drug trade, presumably overseeing shipments.

Bible-quoting Marine Gunner Henderson (Jeb Kreager) wasn’t the only one who stumbled upon their plan.

Ahmad Zubair’s Execution

Hence ahmad Zubair, an Afghan National Police officer, teamed up with Dinah Madani, a U.S. (Amber Rose Revah). Zubair got too close to the Kandahar operation while investigating drug-dealing US soldiers.

Zubair was apprehended, tortured, and interrogated by Agent Orange in front of six masked members of Operation Cerberus.

When Zubair proclaim his innocence in English, he threats by Agent Orange. Castle then executed him on the agent’s order.

Hence castle and others buried Zubair’s body in the desert late at night, as Henderson questioned their actions as a coverup. Of course.

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