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Scrum Master | Role & Responsibility


Scrum Master | Role & Responsibility: Many organizations are in the process of adopting Agile. It is the most famous framework of Agile. One can say “Mother of Agile.”

A scrum master may sound like a fictional character from a role-playing game, but it is a serious position with a strong focus on leadership. The scrum master is incharge of ensuring that the process is followed accurately throughout the duration of a project. Also, they glue the scrum framework together, facilitating communication between the organization, product owner, and scrum team.

To adapt to agile, one has to know about defined roles in Scrum.

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Development Team

Scrum Master | Role & Responsibility

Let’s go through the responsibilities



  • Being a facilitator for solving & identifying problems (called impediments in scrum)
  • Also, he should promote perceptive of a whole scrum team
  • Act as a buffer between the team and distracting influences
  • Moreover, facilitate ceremonies & always acts as a coach for the scrum team
  • Empowering the teams with essential requirements (i.e. infrastructure, skills)
  • Furthermore, the one who can look up to for guidance related to scrum
    • Help team in decision making & improve team dynamics
  • Capable to resolve conflicts positively
  • However, focus on business value delivery
  • But, do the right thing for the business without any delay
  • Also, create a strong community of scrum practices
  • Also. do the experimentation to improve the productivity of scrum teams
    • Challenges the team with their performance/targets
  • Building high-performance teams and ensure it follows scrum rules
  • But, he should always be a neutral entity 
  • Also, should have cathedral thinking. One should think beyond day-to-day activity.
  • Encourage the personal development of each individual 
  • Also, self-motivated & always ready to help others in achieving their targets


  • Domain expert 
  • Take the decision on his own or give readymade solutions
    • Fixing the problem by himself
  • Authoritative / Directive in nature
  • Be a product owner or project manager
Tuckman model of team development”

Scrum Ceremonies Should Attend By Scrum Master

  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint retrospection 
  • Not necessarily in daily stand up
  • Sprint review
  • Backlog refinement (grooming)

The Scrum Master’s Position Introduction

Three responsibilities include the Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and the Development Team. Also, they make up the Scrum team together. Accordingly, we’re going to explore the standard Scrum Master’s tasks, accountability, skills, and features in this blog. The Product Owner and Development Team jobs have been similarly posted. Take pleasure!

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