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Shee Vanath Shrine | Answers & Solutions For Breath Of The Wild

Shee Vanath Shrine

Shee Vanath Shrine | Answers & Solutions For Breath Of The Wild: A few of the 134 post-DLC shrines in Breath of the Wild stand out for their innovative ideas that amuse and occasionally perplex players.

These two films, called “Twin Memories,” toy with your preconceptions about where the answer to a question may find excellently.

You can find both shrines and their treasure boxes in this guide. We also discuss the solution to the puzzle.

Shee Vanath Shrine | Answers & Solutions For Breath Of The Wild

Shee Vanath Shrine

See Vaneer And Vanath Shrine For directions

As the first shrines players face after leaving the Great Plateau, Shee Vaneer and Shee Vanath may be found atop the stunning Dueling Peaks. The northernmost of the two – Shee Vanath – may be seen plainly from various hills and pillars when traveling east from the Great Plateau.

Also, since the location is along the route for the early ‘Seek Out Impa’ quest objective. Some players may wish to wait until they have more stamina before attempting to climb the steep inclines leading to either summit – or stock up on stamina-boosting foods like the Enduring Mushroom Skewer.

Even though it may be the most obvious path to choose, you may find yourself having an easier time climbing north or south of the Dueling Peaks Tower to take advantage of smoother slopes. The northern peak contains Shee Vanath, which you’ll find hidden in an indent straight below and can reach with your glider.

The southernmost peak of Shee Vaneer can find here. On this side of the mountain, you’ll need to wear some cold-resistant clothing. Also, both summits have a few Korok Seed puzzles, so make sure to pick those up.

Shee Vanath And Shee Vaneer Shrines Can Solve

Shrine of Shee Vanath Shee Vaneer Message in a Bottle. Stone tablets with strange messages can find at the entrance of both shrines.

You’ll also discover the following:

  • A five-by-five grid with five orbs inserted in each of the five sockets.
  • A platform that rises above the orbs to give you a bird’s-eye view.
  • A locked door leading to the monk’s quarters (and that sweet, sweet spirit orb)

The message’s straightforward meaning is that the initial location of each orb in the five-by-five grid of sockets will unlock the gate in the other shrine the message.

Therefore, the solution to both shrines is as simple as:

  • Observing the orbs’ initial placement at the first shrine
  • To replicate the first shrine’s orb pattern, I went to the second shrine.
  • Making a second trip to the first shrine to align the orbs with the arrangement shown in the first

Any of the orbs have been moved? There is no need to be alarmed if you exit and re-enter the shrine. Moving platforms will make it easy to record their positions by taking a screenshot. Also, sketching them out on a piece of paper in whatever format works for you. The “Shee Vaneer and Shee Vanath shrine solution” part is below if you’re still stuck and only want the answer to both shrines.

Shee Vanath And Shee Vanath’s Treasure Troves Are Nowhere To Be Found

Both Shee Vaneer and Shee Vanath have a simple extra puzzle: a supplementary chest with a good reward. If you ride the moving platform up to the observation platform. Also, you may be able to glimpse a ledge behind the wall closest to the platform, in keeping with the ‘Twin Memories’ motif. To reach the ledge and the treasure chest, jump, deploy your glider, and drop in a leisurely U-Turn.

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