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Shigaraki Hands, Why Does Shigaraki Have So Many Hands?

Shigaraki Hands

Shigaraki Hands, Why Does Shigaraki Have So Many Hands?: My Hero Academia is a hugely popular superhero anime series that features street battles between intrepid pro heroes and cunning villains. All of this takes place while the characters are decked out in a variety of bright and eye-catching costumes. Shigaraki Tomura’s costume goes even further than most villains’ by incorporating severed body parts.

Shigaraki Hands, Why Does Shigaraki Have So Many Hands?

Shigaraki Hands


His hand-based villain costume connects to the Shimura family’s troubled relationship with the superhero world. It’s been years since Shimura Nana, the 7th wielder in the One For All cult.

Hid her son Kotaro from All For One’s reach. Kotaro’s hatred for his mother’s abandonment led him to aggressively project that anger onto his family. Especially his son Tenko, who suffered as a result.

Tenko’s Decay Quirk finally activated after a violent incident one night when the boy was being abused. It was his sister Hana who died after he accidentally killed their family dog with it.

Other members of Tenko’s family quickly followed suit, and he went on a murderous rampage, killing his father last.

Tenko was vulnerable now that All For One had taken him under their wing as a dark ally.

Natural Desire

In light of Tenko’s natural desire to kill, All For One encouraged him to use his Quirk as he pleased. Tenko’s rage and desire for blood could not be quenched with words alone.

So the mentor gathered the severed hands of the Shimura family and attached them to him. Because Tenko only felt negative emotions, this also allowed Tenko to use his Quirk and satisfy his brutish desires.

All For One gave the boy a new name: Shigaraki Tomura, which means “the boy who will make everyone else cry.”

Currently, The Hands Of Shigaraki Tomura

With no explanation for the severed hands all over his body, Shigaraki made a strong impression in My Hero Academia when he led his League of Villains into battle at USJ.

He had gotten used to them by this point. But in a way they were still his training wheels. Shigaraki’s reliance on All For One and his inexperience as a supervillain.

They see in his need for the hands to keep him focus on his mission. My Villain Academia’s Shigaraki became a chilling protagonist of his own during the “My Villain Academia” storyline.

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