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Silver St Cloud Gotham, What Happened To Batman’s Lost Love?

Silver St Cloud Gotham

Silver St Cloud Gotham, What Happened To Batman’s Lost Love?: Batman has had many loves in his life, but none as tragic as his failed romance with Silver St. Cloud. Batman has a slew of female love interests. Bruce Wayne has pursued more ordinary romantic partners as well as dangerous women like Selina Kyle and Talia al Ghul.

Silver St Cloud Gotham, What Happened To Batman’s Lost Love?

Silver St Cloud Gotham


By Steve Englehart and Walter Simonson. Bruce was hosting an elite party on one of his private yachts at the time. The party was a diversion for Batman to later battle Doctor Phosphorous, but Bruce was pleased to meet Silver. When Bruce returned from his battle with Phosphorous, he told Silver he wanted to spend more time with her.

Since their first meeting, Silver had grown suspicious of Bruce’s mysterious disappearances. Hugo Strange impersonated Bruce, proving Silver’s intelligence. Silver called Dick Grayson, realising something was wrong. Strange’s monster men captured Silver and the original Robin found Bruce. Silver saved Bruce Wayne’s life. Bruce visited Silver in the hospital after Strange’s monster attack, and the two grew closer than ever.

It wasn’t meant to last, like most Batman romances. Silver saw Batman fight Deadshot in Englehart and Rogers’ Detective Comics #474. This fight convinced Silver that Bruce was Batman. Silver left town for a while to gather her thoughts before returning. He is also horrified to see Batman’s nightmare fight with The Joker. He dumped Bruce after revealing his secret to him and dreaded losing Bruce to his dark crusade.

Silver Kidnapped

Silver returned to Gotham in Batman: Dark Detective #1, engaged to U.S. senator Evan Gregory, who was running for governor. He almost left Bruce for Batman after an episode with The Scarecrow’s fear gas. The Joker took Silver before she could. The Clown Prince of Crime kidnapped Silver to force Gregory to withdraw from the race. Gregory went after Silver, losing an arm and a leg. After saving them both, Batman wanted Silver to stay with Gregory. So the senator needed Silver more than he needed it. Silver left Gotham again, offended by Bruce’s casual “loan” of her.

Silver returned to Gotham for a mercenaries’ convention in Archie Goodwin and Marshall Rogers’ Legends of the Dark Knight #132. After discovering the mercenaries’ plan to attack Gotham, Silver was injured. Silver left town again after Bruce didn’t visit her in the hospital in Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan’s Batman: The Widening Gyre #2. As a result, Silver and Bruce reconciled. Silver agreed to Bruce’s proposal. Sadly, when Batman introduced Silver to Baphomet, she was murdered. In fact, Baphomet was Onomatopoeia disguised.

Silver St. Cloud died in the comics, but she lives on in other Batman media. Silver was portrayed by Natalie Alyn Lind in Gotham’s second season. Silver was Theo Galavan’s niece, playing a love interest. The Order of St. Dumas wanted to steal Wayne Industries and sacrifice Bruce to Galavan. Silver and her uncle were saved. Then Silver told Bruce who killed his parents.

Silver was also voiced by Erica Luttrell in the recent animated film Batman: Soul of the Dragon. Like in the comics, Silver dumped Bruce for refusing to reveal his secrets. Silver St. Cloud’s death had an impact on Batman and his mythos.

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