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Skater Skirts, Why Don’t Figure Skaters Wear Pants?

Skater Skirts

Skater Skirts, Why Don’t Figure Skaters Wear Pants?: Many of the female ice dancers at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics wore pants on the ice.

For the rhythm dancing portion of the competition, half a dozen ice dancers wore pantsuits or unitards, but all returned to skirts for their free dances.

Josefina Taljegrd of Sweden was the only female figure skater to skate in pants during the short programme.

Skater Skirts, Why Don’t Figure Skaters Wear Pants?

Skater Skirts

So, In 2022, Why Are Pants In Figure Skating Still So Uncommon?

For some reason, “It’s definitely a very traditional sport,”. Says the first American woman to land the ultra-difficult triple axel jump at an Olympic competition in 2018, bronze medalist Mirai Nagasu. There is also a lot of room for interpretation. As athletes, I believe we are all “people-pleasers,” “I think.”

Competition ice skating is a very traditional sport, and skaters. Don’t want to offend the judges (and thus lose valuable points) by being too edgy.

Judges’ impressions of figure skaters are shaped in large part by the clothes they wear. In general, women can wear whatever they want, as long as it’s not too outrageous or tacky.


“Clothing and make-up must be modest, dignified, and appropriate for athletic competition. It will not garish or theatrical in design,” says the International Skating Union. Clothing, on the other hand, can reflect the mood of the music.

Wearing too much clothing can give the impression of too much cleavage.” Guys are required to wear “trousers,” but tights are not permitted.

Appearance rules have been in place for many years now. Women’s figure skaters had to cover their “hips and posterior” under the “Katarina rule.”

This came about because of Katarina Witt’s provocative outfit at the 1988 Olympic Games. Until 2004, skaters were required to wear a unitard, tights, or pants; this rule was repealed.

“The rule is that you must cover at least 50% of your body.” However, there have been a few lapses. The French team’s blunder at the 2018 Olympic Games.

In my opinion, cost them the gold medal. When something goes wrong, it hurts the performance.

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