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Solar Return, Things You Need To Know About It

Solar Return

Solar Return, Things You Need To Know About It: The planets and luminaries (the moon and sun) are not only located in specific signs and houses in your natal (or birth) chart, but they are also coded with specific degrees and minutes of the sign they are in.

My sun sign, for example, is Virgo according to astrological principles at their most basic. Specifically, my sun is in the sign of Virgo at 13°12’12”. It’s called a “return” when a planet or star returns to the exact degree and minute of the sign it was in when you were born.

Solar Return, Things You Need To Know About It

Solar Return


That return frequency is determined by how quickly or slowly the celestial body moves through your zodiac sign. You get lunar return about once a month because the moon (here’s the DL on your moon sign) travels through all 12 signs in 28 days.

Saturn, known as the taskmaster planet, has a cycle that lasts 29 years, which means your Saturn returns will occur when you are 29, 60, and 90 years old.

Instead of an annual solar return, you receive one on the day or two after your actual birthdate because the sun takes a year to complete its cycle.

It’s possible that it’ll fall on your actual birthday in some years. For others, it’ll be the day before or the day after that.

What You Can Learn From Your Solar Return Chart

Instead of letting your birthday pass you by with only a few social media posts to show for it, make the most of this once-a-year opportunity to reflect on your life.

You can use your solar return chart to learn more about what to expect in the coming year.

In other words, what does a solar return chart look like? You can see what the sky looked like when the sun was in the exact sign you were born in at the exact time the photograph was taken.

For the time being, it will speak to sun-ruled themes like vitality, confidence, and interests while also addressing challenges and how you’ll use your willpower.

When looking at your solar return chart, pay attention to the following points that can help you make sense of your solar return.

The Direction Of The Sun

Okay, so it’s in the exact same location as when you were born, but it may not be in the same house or be making the same angles to other planets and luminaries.

There are 12 houses in a horoscope, each of which governs a different aspect of life, and each of which is ruled by a different zodiac sign.

Because of this, when you were born, it may have been in your house of earnings.

However, in your solar return chart, it’s in your house of partnerships, indicating that you may be more interested in one-on-one relationships this year. Hello, workaholic!

Observe The Sun’s Relations With Other Planets

It’s also good idea for look at how it interacts with other planets and stars.

If the sun and Venus, the planet of love and beauty, are getting along, then this year will be all about romance.

How do you feel about the planet of action, Mars, in opposition? Over the next year, you’ll be a lot more assertive and competitive than usual.

The Ascendant House In Which The Rising Sign/Ascendant Is Located On The Chart

You will approach your world in the year ahead based on how the ascendant sign influences your attitude toward it.

Those born with the fiery Leo ascendant, on the other hand. Are more likely to be ambitious. Enjoy lavish experiences (such as five-star beachside vacations), and thrive when they are in the spotlight.

It’s also possible that if your ascendant is in a different sign — in this case, Aquarius, a quirky, fixed air sign.

You’ll be more interested in technology, humanitarian causes, and spending time with friends.

The Planet That Governs The Chart’s Ascendant

Every horoscope sign is “ruled” by one or two planets, depending on the sign. These planets provide the basic purpose and energy for the sign.

Because Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, these two zodiac signs are known for their eloquence. Take a look at the ascendant ruler in the return chart.

To paraphrase April Elliott Kent of Big Sky Astrology in her guide for working with solar return charts.

The placement of planet and its transits. Throughout year are usually very descriptive of what motivates you this year.

A Broad View

If you want an in-depth analysis that includes seeing how your solar return interacts with planet transits throughout the year.

You’ll want to meet with an expert. Or order a written solar return report like this one by Mary Shea, author of Planets in Solar Returns.

The Best Way To Celebrate The Return Of The Sun

When you look at the passing of another year through the lens of astrology. We tend for thinking of birthdays as an annual opportunity to reflect, connect, and dream about what lies ahead.

There’s no right or wrong way for celebrate the return of the sun. When you work hard to meet a deadline.

It may come and go, only for you to enjoy your favourite meal or a piece of cake at the end of the day.

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