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Spongebob Flowers | Those Aren’t Flower Clouds Above Bikini Bottom

Spongebob Flowers

Spongebob Flowers | Those Aren’t Flower Clouds Above Bikini Bottom: Classic animated series SpongeBob SquarePants has been running for over two decades, bringing a lighthearted perspective to life at sea.

Spongebob Flowers | Those Aren’t Flower Clouds Above Bikini Bottom

Spongebob Flowers

Flower Clouds In The “Sky” Are A Clever Touch

There is even an Easter Island-style house in the Nickelodeon cartoon to give viewers the impression that they are on an island getaway during the summer. Satire is also used to mock other common ocean activities, such as hooking fish with Spongebob and Patrick’s fishing poles.

As a result, one theory suggests that flower clouds in the “sky” are a clever nod to the real world. According to Reddit, the flower clouds are propellers from boats. After a moment’s thought, the idea seems outlandish, but closer examination reveals that it makes a lot of sense.

For starters, the number of leaves in each flower cloud varies between three and five. Additionally, the majority of boat propellers have the same number of fins. Science may explain why the clouds in the cartoon don’t look like propellers.

The flower clouds appear distorted and show various colors due to light refraction through the propellers, but this is a simple explanation. Algae or the prism of light reflected by the sun could also account for its color.

The size and spacing of the flowers also justify them as propellers because they are frequently spread out and enormous compared to the show’s smaller characters. A few episodes show how the propellers are more than just flowers, further supporting this theory.

Squidward’s Time Travel In “SB-129”

Flower clouds appear in a few episodes as solid objects that could be dangerous if handled incorrectly. In the episode “Karen’s Virus,” Plankton’s computer wife gets infected with a virus that alters her personality. Karen drops one of the flowers from the sky after hurling a boat mobile at it during an angry outburst.

More flower clouds are falling from the sky in the SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. Film. Even though propeller malfunctions are rare, they are not impossible. The interaction between the characters and the flower cloud propellers could theoretically lead to them falling from the boat and ending on the ocean floor.

Squidward’s time travel in “SB-129” is perhaps the best illustration of this theory. When he tries to flee the future, he ends up in the prehistoric era. The background is a dull greenish-brown devoid of even a stray flower cloud when you step outside. It’s theorise that this is because boats and propellers didn’t exist in this period.

The truth about the flower clouds is still a mystery for the time being. Even though SpongeBob SquarePants’ characters refer to them as flowers, there’s a lot of evidence suggesting they’re hiding something. Because boats and humans interact with the SpongeBob world, the beautiful flowers in the sky may be distorted propellers attached to ships.

It would also explain why SpongeBob and Patrick could swing from so many fish hooks. All but a handful of stories revolve around flower clouds, and they don’t have much bearing on them. Nevertheless, when they appear in the story, it’s more difficult to discount the possibility of connecting to something much more substantial.

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