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Starbucks Honey Blend, Its Three latest Plant Based Drinks

Starbucks Honey Blend

Starbucks Honey Blend, Its Three latest Plant Based Drinks: Almondmilk honey flat white, Oatmilk honey latte as well as coconutmilk latte all the three new plant-based, dairy-free coffee drinks available at Starbucks. However, of their high sugar and calorie content, these new drinks aren’t recommended as a replacement for a daily cup of coffee by nutritionists.
Also, the 16-ounce or Grande-sized beverages for all three of the new beverages contain more caffeine than most energy drinks.

Starbucks Honey Blend, Its Three latest Plant Based Drinks

Starbucks Honey Blend

Flat White With Almondmilk And Honey

The fact that this drink only has three ingredients is a good thing. It’s a drink you know what you’re getting. The added sugar content isn’t as high as in many coffee drinks because it’s mostly made from almond milk and honey.

To make this plant-based drink without a lot of saturated fat, almond milk, espresso and honey are used instead of cream or whole milk.

Latte With Oatmilk And Honey | Starbucks Honey Blend

This beverage has the most calories, sugar, and fat per 12-ounce serving, at 200 calories and 32 grammes of carbs. The plant-based beverage, according to Palinski-Wade, is low in saturated fat and contains a fibre source.

Although oats provide a source of fibre, the filling fibre provided by the drink’s sugar does not offset the excess calories. Both the honey topping and the honey mixture add calories and sugar to the dish.

Latte With Coconut Milk

There are only three ingredients and 100 calories in this drink’s 12-ounce Tall size. If you’re looking to incorporate more plant-based foods and beverages into your diet.

This drink is a good option. However, Palinski-Wade cautioned that the amount of saturated fat in this drink is worth noting.

Coconut contains more saturated fat than other plant-based beverages. People who want to improve their blood lipid levels. They may want to limit their intake of saturated fat in this product.

Alternatives That Are More Beneficial To Your Health

You may be pleased to learn that Starbucks has a variety of options that are lower in calories and sugar than these three beverages. However, she advised looking for healthier alternatives outside of the coffee shop.

There are a number of brands of honey/stevia blends and honey/monk fruit blends. That would allow someone to replicate these drinks for a fraction of the calories and sugars.

The sugar is biggest concern, so everyone looking for something that’s low in calories and sugars.

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