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Stillman Diet | Ketosis And The Stillman Diet

Stillman Diet

Stillman Diet | Ketosis And The Stillman Diet: The Stillman Diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet designed by physician Irwin Maxwell Stillman. The diet has been used by people with various diseases for weight loss and improved health.

This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the diet, its ingredients, and the process for ketosis. It is one of the most popular diet plans today, and has helped many people to lose weight and improve their health.

Stillman Diet | Ketosis And The Stillman Diet

Stillman Diet

Low-Carbohydrate Diet

The Dr. Stillman low-carbohydrate diet is an extremely restrictive diet. While it may help you lose weight quickly, it also discourages exercise and leaves out many food groups, including vegetables and fruits. It is not practical for long-term weight loss because the diet is not balanced, and it may even deprive your body of nutrients it needs. This type of diet may even be unappealing to those who prefer to eat a broader variety of foods.

High-Protein Diet

Unlike many popular diet plans, the high-protein diet does not specify the amount of protein that should be consumed daily. In general, it recommends about 35 percent of daily calories to be consumed in protein. This amount varies according to the ideal body weight. Generally, a person should consume about 2.2 to 4.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. However, some people may find this level too high.

Vegetarian Diet

The Stillman Diet, developed by Doctor Irwin Maxwell, focuses on eating lean meat and fish. The diet allows eggs and some types of fish, as well as lean poultry, as long as it’s skinless. It allows common spices and fruit, but excludes dairy and carbohydrates. This Diet can be very restrictive, but you can find a lot of foods to enjoy. Just be aware that you can’t eat as much of them as you’d like.


The Stillman diet involves cutting out carbs, sugar, and any other starch from your diet. This diet does not allow any starch foods such as white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, molasses, honey, or vegetable oils.

You can still consume some vegetables and fruits, but you should avoid fried foods. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you should avoid alcohol, which is high in carbs.

Side Effects

The type of this diet is a low-calorie, low-fat diet that involves eating only lean meat, eggs, and sea-food. In addition to these, it includes no saturated fats or sugar. Nevertheless, it does come with its own set of side effects.

Although it is safe to follow, it may cause you to become constipated, have mood swings, or even experience cravings for unhealthy foods. Before starting a Stillman diet, consult your doctor first.

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