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Stuart Davis Biography, An American Artist

Stuart Davis Biography

Stuart Davis Biography, An American Artist: Modernist painter Stuart Davis (1892-1964) was a notable American artist. He started out in the Ashcan School’s realist style. But after seeing European modernist painters at the Armory Show. He developed a personal modernist style that would later influence the development of pop art.

Stuart Davis Biography, An American Artist

Stuart Davis Biography

Childhood And Schooling | Stuart Davis Biography

As a child, Stuart Davis was surrounded by the visual arts because of his parents. Sculptor Helen Stuart Foulke and newspaper art critic Edward Wyatt Davis. In his teens, he develop an interest in drawing.

And began illustrating stories for his younger brother, Wyatt, to entertain him. He met “the Eight,” a group of his father’s fellow artists who had moved to New Jersey from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he grew up. Robert Henri, George Luks, and Everett Shinn made up this group.

A student of Robert Henri, who went on to lead the Ashcan School of American art. Stuart Davis began his formal art training. The Ashcan School specialised in depicting New York City life through the lens of observational painting. Hence walt Whitman’s poetry in Leaves of Grass was a major source of inspiration for them.

Art In New York City, The Armory Show

One of the first modern art exhibitions in the United States. The Armory Show, was held in New York City in 1913. And Davis was one of its youngest artists.

The exhibition first appeared at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York City. Before travelling to Art Institute of Chicago as well as Copley Society of Art in Boston.

Abstraction In Colorful Form

In the 1920s, Stuart Davis’ mature style of painting emerged. Charles Demuth and Arshile Gorky. Hence as well as poet William Carlos Williams, became close friends with him.

Realistic elements were first abstracted by bright colours. And geometrical edges in his work, which he later refined. As with musical variations on a theme, Davis painted in series.

In The Future

Stuart Davis began teaching after he had made a name for himself in the New York. Avant-garde painting scene by the mid-20th century. The New School for Social Research. The Art Students’ League. And Yale University were among his previous stops. Davis had a direct impact on a new generation of American artists as an instructor.

Legacy | Stuart Davis Biography

As an American artist, Stuart Davis’ greatest contribution was his ability to take European painting techniques. And apply them to his own work. Henri Matisse, Georges Braque.

Also Pablo Picasso’s cubist experiments can be seen in his bold, graphical paintings. The final product, however, draws inspiration from American culture and architecture. That distinguishes Davis’ work from others.

It’s no surprise that pop artists Andy Warhol and David Hockney loved Stuart Davis’. Use of commercial advertisements and everyday objects in his work. Therefore davis’ work is consider by many art historians to be a precursor to pop art.

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