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Swedish Massage | What Are The Health Benefits Of It

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage | What Are The Health Benefits Of It: Swedish massage is well-known for its calming effects, for which it is among the most popular types of massage. The massage therapist uses friction, gliding strokes, and kneading to work on specific muscle groups.

This method, which is also known as classical massage, is the most widely practiced style of massage therapy in the West. It’s also the foundational practice that spawned numerous offshoots in the massage therapy industry.

What follows is a discussion of the scientific evidence for and against this particular type of massage therapy.

Swedish Massage | What Are The Health Benefits Of It

Swedish Massage

The Healing Powers Of A Swedish Massage

Like other types of massage therapy, is marketed as a technique to momentarily reduce discomfort and help you relax. Here are some advantages on it.

Potential Remedy For Neck Pain

This massage has been shown to temporarily alleviate neck pain, but only in the short term. According to the NCCIH, regular, lengthy sessions of this massage are associated with the greatest benefits. This was one of the primary findings of a review conducted in 2016.

Low Back Discomfort May Be Treated

There is some evidence that this type of massage can alleviate low back discomfort, however this data is mixed.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that some studies show that massage treatment, in general, provides only short alleviation (NCCIH). that was found to be effective in relieving low back pain in nurses in a 2017 systematic study.

However, one 2019 controlled trial indicated that massage reduced just the impression of pain, suggesting that it may not be the best treatment for chronic low back pain. Swedish massage may alleviate low back discomfort, but only if people actively exercise, according to another study from 2008.

Neck Pain May Be Reduced

Swedish massage, like low back discomfort, may temporarily relieve neck pain. According to the NCCIH, one major conclusion in a 2016 review revealed that persons were more likely to benefit from this massage if they attended frequent and extensive sessions.

Shoulder Pain May Be Treated

According to the NCCIH, Swedish massage may provide short-term relief from shoulder pain. As with neck pain alleviation, you may want to discuss regular sessions with your massage therapist to maximize the advantages to your shoulder area.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Massage therapy has been shown in some trials to aid with fibromyalgia pain, anxiety, and depression. However, the NCCIH says that there is mixed information supporting massage like Swedish in particular.

Premenstrual Syndrome May Be Treated (PMS)

Health practitioners often recommend relaxation therapies such as massage therapy. As well as to assist relieve PMS symptoms such as exhaustion and mood swings. More clinical study is needed to evaluate whether massage like Swedish can address these PMS symptoms specifically.

Depression Symptoms May Be Treated

The overall advantages of massage therapy on your mood may also aid in the treatment of depressive symptoms. While the NCCIH adds that research on a smaller scale has indicated such benefits. Also, larger studies are needed to investigate the effects of Swedish massage on depression.

Cancer Symptoms May Be Alleviated

While further research is needed, the NCCIH states that preliminary findings indicate that persons with cancer may benefit from Swedish massage as a supplemental therapy to address symptoms such as pain, exhaustion, and anxiety.

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