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Tasha K, Cardi B Wins $1.25 Million Suit Against Tasha K for Calling Her “Suicidal”

Tasha K

Tasha K, Cardi B Wins $1.25 Million Suit Against Tasha K for Calling Her “Suicidal”: “Helpless”: Cardi B said she felt “helpless” as Tasha K spread rumours about her online, including claims that she had contracted herpes; she testified in her libel case.

Tasha K, Cardi B Wins $1.25 Million Suit Against Tasha K for Calling Her “Suicidal”

Tasha K

Story Overview

Cardi B’s defamation suit against YouTuber Tasha K is dismiss by a jury. A jury find Tasha guilty of defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress on Jan. 24.

To cover general damages and medical expenses, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper receive $1 million. News has contact the attorneys for both celebrities, but so far has receive no response.

While testifying in a libel suit against YouTuber Tasha K, who has over one million subscribers and has been spreading false rumours about Cardi, she opened up about her mental health.

Scene Of Courtroom

In a Georgia courtroom on Jan. 13, Cardi, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. Testified about how Tasha’s alleged defamatory posts affected her well-being.

Cardi birth is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. She tells a federal jury that she previously “extremely suicidal” and “helpless” as a result of the allegations, which led to fatigue, anxiety and migraines for the 29-year-old rapper.

As previously reported, Cardi B claimed that she had never felt suicidal prior to Tasha’s claims and that the YouTuber’s videos had strained her marriage to Offset, with whom she has two children.


In her testimony, she said, “She felt defeat and depress and she didn’t want to sleep with h herusband.”

This year, the Grammy Award winner sued Tasha, whose real name is Latasha Kebe. By obtaining court documents obtained by E! News, Cardi B and her legal team alleged.

They alleged Tasha used her YouTube channel to spread “misleading and false information about celebrities” in order to profit from it.

Cardi’s suit accuses Tasha of making “false and defamatory statements” about her in at least 23 videos over the course of 14 months, including claims that she was a prostitute, had herpes, and used drugs.

According to Cardi and her lawyers, Tasha “knew these statements to be false but acted with reckless disregard of whether they are true or not” when she published them.

Cardi, according to the suit, suffered “embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress” as a result.

This woman wants compensation and an injunction to force Tasha to take down the “full removal of all defamatory and disparaging statements.”

Tasha has denied Cardi’s allegations. According to dismissal papers obtained. A judge ruled in July that Tasha “failed to produce any evidence” backing her claims.

That led to the dismissal of her countersuit against the “WAP” artist last year. Tasha’s libel trial is scheduled to resume on January 18, according to court records.

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