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Techhacks, These Are Some Teacher-Tested


Techhacks, These Are Some Teacher-Tested: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about techhacks.

Techhacks, These Are Some Teacher-Tested


Live Captions For Google Slides | Techhacks

Turn on automatic captioning in Google Slides to display the speaker’s words alongside each slide. To access the menu, hover your cursor in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Select Captions preferences, then Toggle captions (English only). Google will listen and transcribe your words as you present.

Enlarge Your Youtube Caption

When playing a YouTube video in class. Some students may struggle to read the captions. But this simple trick solves the issue: For larger text, simply press the + key on your keyboard after selecting closed captions. The minus (-) key reduces text size.

Checklists To Teach Organization

Checklists can help students become more organized and track multistep tasks or projects. Press Ctrl+Shift+9 on a Mac or the Checklist icon in the toolbar. Show students how to check off complete items. May be tasks by clicking the displayed box on the left.

Stop Scrolling | Techhacks

No more page 158 scrolling. A new Google Chrome feature allows readers to jump to a specific section of a text.

On a PC, right-click the text section you want students to read and select “copy link to highlight.” On a Mac, select “copy link to highlight” by clicking the trackpad and the Ctrl button simultaneously.

This generates a #-signed URL that you can share with others. The new URL takes readers to the highlighted section.

Keep Documents Clean

Prevent students or coworkers from accidentally typing directly into your document by granting access only after they create their own copy.

Prior to sharing with anyone with a link, make sure your document is public. Then, in the search bar, type copy instead of edit. Then hit entering or return on a Mac to finish.

Share this new URL and users will be forced to make a copy before opening.

Audio For Google Forms

Do you wish your Google Forms were more engaging? Mote lets users add audio to questions and answers. While the app is free to use up to 20 times per month. With a 30 second recording time limit per entry, accessing additional features requires a fee.

When creating a new question, the app’s Mote icon will appear. Tap the icon once to start recording audio and when done. Click the Done button.

Afterwards, Mote will create a clickable voice note card that can be listened to immediately.

Remove Youtube Distractions

YouTube is a great tool for teaching and learning, but using it in the classroom can be risky with ads and distracting video suggestions. The problem is solved by adding a hyphen to the Youtube link, making it appear as yout-ube.

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