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Tesla Update | Self-Driving Software Update Is Now Being Rolled Out

Tesla Update

Tesla Update | Self-Driving Software Update Is Now Being Rolled Out: This article give you information about the updating technology in Tesla. In this era, we need to be with technology and very essential for a person to know that what is going on with technology.

Though the company warns that it should use with caution. This weekend, reports say that Tesla owners who want to use a self-driving feature on their cars while driving around town.

They received an unexpected boost when the electric carmaker released a long-awaited software update for their vehicles.

According to some publication The Verge and Electrek, a news site dedicate to reporting on Tesla and other electric vehicles. The updates to the Full Self-Driving beta version 9 became available on Saturday.

Tesla Update | Self-Driving Software Update Is Now Being Rolled Out

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New Features In Tesla

According to some website, the update enhances assisting driving capabilities for a select group of Tesla owners. Who have the opportunity to test new features before the general public?

Following a series of accidents involving Tesla vehicles, including some that occurring while the vehicles are in Autopilot mode. The company’s assist driving programs have come under fire.

Following those incidents, federal transportation officials have stated that Tesla has failed to adequately monitor drivers to ensure.

That they are thoroughly engaging and allow the Autopilot feature use on roads where it is not appropriate.

Self-Driving Feature

As per some reports, the carmaker appeared to address some of those concerns in notes accompanying the software update release and advising drivers to use the Full Self-Driving feature.

It is only if they pay constant attention to the road and act immediately, especially around blind corners, crossing intersections, and in narrow driving situations.

Track Levels Of Attentiveness

The in-car camera in Tesla vehicles, according to reports,  activate in May to track drivers’ levels of attentiveness. When they used the partially self-driving technology.

According to reports, the new software update talks about for the past three years, with Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder. They are stating on numerous occasions that it was on its way.

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