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The best scientific documentaries online

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Intro:  If you love documentaries and you’re always looking for new ones to watch, then you’re going to want to check out these scientific documentaries online. Some fantastic scientific documentaries are available online, and we’ve gathered the best of them here. From exploring the mysteries of the universe to discovering life on other planets, these documentaries will take you on a fascinating journey. Not only are the documentaries interesting, but they’re also educational, so you’ll learn something new every time you watch one. Whether you’re a science enthusiast or want to broaden your knowledge base, this list is for you!

1. Our Planet: 

This documentary is the sequel to Planet Earth’s incredibly successful series. Instead of exploring animals and their natural habitats, this time, this documentary focuses on how humans affect the Planet. It’s a fascinating look at how we’re degrading our Planet and putting everything in jeopardy while also suggesting what we can do to protect it. Season two of this incredible documentary just came out on Netflix. 

Explore the wilds of Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America as you discover how diverse our planet is. The show features rare animal behavior, from diving polar bears to diving elephants and interviews with scientists who study the animals featured in each episode. This show is a must-watch for animal lovers and those who want to learn more about the world we live in. You can get this documentary from u1337x for a quick, hassle-free download and watch it on the go. 

2. The Social Dilemma: 

This documentary talks about whether or not humans are truly capable of being social creatures. It explores this idea by turning the lens onto humanity’s greatest triumphs and mistakes. Find out what past situations can tell us about how best to handle our future problems. Discovery Channel’s The Social Dilemma examines how humans behave in social settings. Viewers will get to see what happens when people are forced to make split-second decisions while under pressure.

3. Into The Inferno: 

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This latest scientific documentary follows renowned volcanologist and explorer Professor Iain Stewart. He is on a journey deep into what might be called Earth’s heart of darkness – to explore some of the terrifying natural phenomena on the Planet. From active volcanoes in North Korea to hot lava in Ethiopia to exploding super volcanoes in New Zealand, viewers will get an exclusive look at what lies beneath the Earth’s surface. It is a scientific documentary that is better than any science fiction movie based on facts and research.

4. Unnatural Selection: 

The story of the human race is one of excellent natural Selection. For millennials, we evolved and survived in a brutal, ever-changing world. For the first time, we take control of our destiny and decide who lives and dies. Through artificial Selection (Unnatural Selection) and genetic engineering (Natural Selection), humankind must learn to take responsibility for the future of life on Earth

Imagine the Earth populated only by the small portion of the human race that has not succumbed to a plague decimating Homo sapiens. That is the premise for this intriguing documentary, which explores how an ancient virus could bring humanity to extinction within three decades if scientists don’t act fast. Unnatural Selection is produced by National Geographic Television and Red Box Films for Fathom Events.

5. Mercury 13: NASA’s forgotten astronauts:

Mercury 13 — the untold story of the first women in space. In 1961, NASA’s astronaut program was strictly a boys’ club. 13 of America’s top female pilots — with records longer than some of the male astronauts — passed all the same tests as their male counterparts to become astronauts, but were turned down because they had two X chromosomes. This film tells the incredible story of 13 pioneer women who fought to win the right to go where no woman had gone before: into space. 

Who would it be if you could travel back in time and meet the Mercury 7 astronauts? Would you want to go on a mission with John Glenn or Mike Collins? Catch these stories before they disappear into history. One episode of American Experience explores the untold story of 13 women who trained for spaceflight alongside their male counterparts at the start of the space race. The women’s novels have been largely neglected in history books, but this documentary brings them again to the public.

6. Crip Camp: 

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What is it like to be confined to a wheelchair? How is life different when you’re restricted to a wheelchair? These are the questions that this documentary seeks to answer. It follows four children with muscular dystrophy as they spend five days taking part in adapted sports like kayaking and rock climbing. It will give them the experience of what it’s like to be confined to a wheelchair while also letting them have some fun. Learn what life is like for people with disabilities. This documentary follows three severely disabled teens arriving at Crip Camp, where they can live unchained by their disabilities for a week.


With a few exceptions, most of the documentaries on this list are primarily educational. These are more for your viewing pleasure than it is to teach you something new. That being said, there’s no doubt that you’ll be glued to the screen throughout this entire film. This list of documentaries will surely appeal to the curiosity in you. Make sure you check them out to learn and respect the great thinkers before the researchers who put together these documentaries for us to perceive.

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