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The Masked Singer : An Unexpected Grammy Winner Has Been Revealed

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer : An Unexpected Grammy Winner Has Been Revealed: On March 8th’s episode of The Masked Singer, DC Comics characters were celebrated. As well as, the identity of the show’s iconic, award-winning vocalist, the Wolf, was revealed.

The latest season of “The Masked Singer” included the debuts of three incredible new performers.

The Masked Singer : An Unexpected Grammy Winner Has Been Revealed

The Masked Singer

Revealed The Film’s Final Hint Virtually

The edition of the celebrity singing contest aired on March 8 and paid tribute to DC Comics superheroes with a set full of movie props and panelists dressed as their favorite characters.

During the opening act of the night, the Gargoyle sang “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth for his Masked Singer debut. A jukebox, a video game controller, some spicy sauce, a credit card. Also, a “I Love LA” sticker were among the items in his clue package.

As soon as his set was over, the audience chanted “Shazam!” Zachary Levi and Helen Mirren. Who play lovers in the film Fury of the Gods. Also, Made a virtual appearance to reveal the film’s final clue: the words “record breaker.”

Next up on stage was The Wolf, who sang “Break on Through” by The Doors. The furry thing sent a hint package that featured a saxophone, a clock, a ship, and allusions to Andy Garcia, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and Andy Samberg. Zachary and Helen came back with another clue after he finished singing his heart out, which was the name “Timberlake.”

The Wolf Has Been Killed; The Game Is Over

A clue box containing meatballs, a gorilla, a castle, and the information. That she previously made out with Tom Cruise preceded the Squirrel’s performance of Pink’s “Try” on stage. When it came time for the last clue, DC Comics’ chief creative officer Jim Lee unveiled. The original picture bearing the words “Hero Time.”

Wolf was revealed to be Michael Bolton, winner of two Grammys and famed for love songs like “How Am I supposed to Survive Without You” & “When a Man Loves a Woman,” after the first round of voting by the audience and the panelists.

“It’s an honor to always hear you sing,” panelist Nicole Scherzinger, costumed as Catwoman, told Michael. “In this regard, you are unique. You continue to exhibit such elegance and ease in your performance.”

Now that the Wolf has been eliminated, the Battle Royale to the tune of 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” will come down to the Gargoyle and the Squirrel.

In the end, Squirrel prevailed and advanced to the next round. Nonetheless, the panel rung the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell for the second week running, saving Gargoyle from elimination.

Tune in to Fox on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. to see if Squirrel. Also, Gargoyle make it through to the next round of The Masked Singer.

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