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The Signet Rings Worth Adding To Your Jewellery Box

9 Karat Gold and Sapphire Signet Ring2

The Signet Rings Worth Adding To Your Jewellery Box: Jewellery has been a reflection of our culture, personality, and wealth. Whether it be a celebration of engagement, wedding, birth jewellery has always been a distinct part of the tradition. It not only makes you look good but also keeps your money invested in the right place. 

Jewellery is for every gender, class, and race. However, the designs and manufacturing may vary due to cultural influence. This makes the jewellery distinguishable at first glance. One such immortal part of history is the signet rings. These signature rings have been passed on for generations and still stand strong among modern jewellery designs. 

Signet rings were used as a confirmation stamp during British rule. Every ring had a specific seal design that belonged to a particular king, aristocrat or diplomat at that period. These rings were specifically made for upper-class people only. These seal rings belonged to men only in that period. They used to wear these rings on their pinky fingers. The rings were destroyed at the demise of the rightful owner to prevent any sort of forgery. 

With changing times, the signet rings lost their true objective but somehow managed to remain in the trend as an ornament among middle-class people. The modern computerized manufacturing and designing revolutionized the entire jewellery making industry, but signet rings still hold the true essence of history. Its unique designs and vintage vibe still makes it stand out among other jewel pieces.  

The Signet Rings Worth Adding To Your Jewellery Box

Here, we have picked some of the exclusive signet rings that are worth having a place in your jewellery box.

Prizm Signet Ring: | The Signet Rings

Prizm Signet Ring2

This Prizm design looks extraordinary with its curves and shiny mounted top. The building facade design makes it lustrous with its sharp angles and prismatic cut. This ring has a unisex appeal and complements your professional as well as casual mood. This signet ring looks marvellous in sterling silver, platinum, gold plated shades but you can customize the metal preferably. The ring looks impeccable with the Prizm cut hoops or studs. 

9 Karat Gold, Enamel And Diamond Signet Ring:

9 Karat Gold, Enamel And Diamond Signet Ring2

How about this remarkable evidence of history? You must not be aware of the fact that enamel has been used in jewellery making since the publicizing of the signet rings. The enamel rings give you the liberty to choose the colour and hold the diamond strongly forever. The design looks stunning but you can customize your initials on the enamel. The diamond is the star of the night. The outer curves add on the angles to reflect light and make it look more sparkly

Classic Gold Signet Ring: | The Signet Rings:

Classic Gold Signet Ring2

As the name suggests, the gold classic signet rings are an eternal piece. The simple yet elegant design talks a lot about your sophistication. The polished design without any embellished stones or high-end cuts keep it grounded and classy. The gold metal makes it a luxurious piece that would continue to impress the coming generations. 

Engraved Pinky Signet Ring:

Engraved Pinky Signet Ring


Pinky signet rings are very much in trend among the British royal family till now. You must have noticed Meghan Markle flaunting their pinky ring recently. The engraved design on the pinky ring can be customized or you can buy the one that represents you the most. A whole lot of quirky designs are available online for engraved signet rings. You can have the one engraved with your initials or gift it to someone with something close to their heart. 

9 Karat Gold and Sapphire Signet Ring:

9 Karat Gold and Sapphire Signet Ring2

Gold plated rings are much cheaper compared to 18 karat gold rings, but you can rely on the quality. The alloy is harder and doesn’t wear off so easily. The sapphire on the ring gives it a blingy appearance and being a valuable gemstone you can have it as an asset. Many people believe in linking their zodiac sign with gemstones. You can buy it for good luck.

“Eros” Cameo Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Signet Ring:

Eros Cameo Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Signet Ring2

What could be a better option than Eros expressing your true feelings for someone? These signet rings will say it all. Your lover will embrace this token of love from you forever. Talking about the quality, the sterling silver has a magnificent shine and rhodium plating adds extra lustre to this erotic signet ring. Rhodium will keep it shiny through ages and won’t tarnish anytime soon. 

14K Baguette Horseshoe Signet Ring

14K Baguette Horseshoe Signet Ring2

Being considered a lucky charm for ages, a horseshoe ring can turn the tables for you too. The upright U sign in the shape of a horseshoe is believed to keep evil away and bring positivity to your life. The 14K looks wonderfully manufactured with an embellished baguette marking it a unique jewel piece. It suits every sort of event and mood.

Custom Sterling Silver Signet Ring:

Custom Sterling Silver Signet Ring2

Sterling silver is the talk of the town. It does hold a separate fan base just like other valuable metals. The white metal looks super astonishing in plain designs also. You can buy it in any shape; heart, oval, round, square. The best part of sterling silver rings is the customisable property. You can have your name, initials, company logo, family crests, special characters or a particular design engraved on it. The metal shines bright and doesn’t wear off so soon. The metal has abundant strength to hold gemstones to it. You can have pearls, diamonds and whatever gemstone you prefer on your ring.

Silver Classic Pegasus Signet Ring:

Silver Classic Pegasus Signet Ring2

The Pegasus means the horse engraved on the ring. This horse is linked to the Greek gods. There are numerous beliefs where this horse depicts freedom, excellence, a bright future, and introduction to something extraordinary. The ring is connected to your fortune. You can have it for yourself or the one who needs it. The silver metal gives a classic and vintage touch to this signet ring. It’s pretty much worth buying.

Monogram Signet Ring:

silver Monogram Signet Ring2


Monograms signet rings have been in the business for centuries now. These engraved rings represent anything close to your heart. You can wear it to promote your business too. These rings can be customized in any shape, size, metal, with or without gemstones. It’s a good idea to depict your thoughts in something physical. It’s definitely gonna say in your family line for years to come.

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