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The Wilds, Who Dies | EPs Dissect The Major Season 2 Finale Twist

The Wilds Who Dies

The Wilds, Who Dies | EPs Dissect The Major Season 2 Finale Twist: A wild card ended the Wilds’ sophomore campaign. This is going to be an exciting journey is if Amazon Prime YA series gets another chapter.

The Wilds, Who Dies | EPs Dissect The Major Season 2 Finale Twist | The Wilds Who Dies

The Wilds Who Dies

The Girls And Lads Returned To The Island In The Season Finale | The Wilds Who Dies

The season’s finale revealed the girls and now boys are back on the island they believed they had left. They now are left to fend for themselves together, instead of separately.

It was revealed in the final moments of the season when the teens learned they had been duped by Gretchen (Rachel Griffiths), who was now on the run. An strange scene greeted them as they entered the facility, with familiar island vegetation and a quiet sea. No way!

Even without monitoring on the island, Gretchen has moles watching the teens, she says her minions just on plane. (Remember, she tried to enlist Leah.) Getting them all there was part of her big plan, she called Phase 3 complete.

Someone is smirking as he hits play on a recording device and plays music so over loudspeaker, possibly Seth, the charismatic Ivy League jock. So and he’s the only one or is there another? Then what, with Leah & her fellow veterans back on their original island? How do the females and boys survive now?

Amy B. Harris, showrunner/executive producer, told ET that the emotional roller coaster of season 2 is exactly what the program wants. “Everyone reaches adulthood. Everybody reaches adulthood, not everybody goes to college, marries, or has children.

So many emotions, so many sentiments, so many swings. So, I hope the audience feels them all.” To learn more about the season’s dramatic twist, and their plans for a possible season 3, ET chatted with creator/executive producer Sarah Streicher.

This Season Brought In A Gang Of Boys. What Was Crucial To You When You Sat Back Down To Arc Out Season 2 With Fresh Faces?

Amy B. Harris It Sarah built the pilot around female adolescence or what it looks like was one of the key elements for us. A and I both wanted to know how the boy coming of age stories looked.

Of course, Gretchen will have a control group, which was a great twist. This is a great method to show that women can form communities better than men. We knew the males were a counter to the girls even before we met them!

That’s what Gretchen’s goal is, we kept reminding ourselves in season 2. In other words, we study the males in large and beautiful ways, but her perspective on how we approach those lenses is bound to be different.

What was exciting about conveying the lads’ story from a feminine perspective while also incorporating them into the show? What topics did you feel were under-examined?

S. Streicher Like Amy, I found it fascinating and intriguing that we used the ladies from season 1 as a baseline. Then we have the guys as a counterweight. Historically, it has been the other time around.

It used to be that males were the default and women were the counterpoint, then we inverted it. We’ve welcomed the men into this sympathetic lens we built to investigate adolescence in season – 1. Where you see teens under duress, but also their experiences prior to this highly stressful scenario.

You have a very global sympathetic vision of them. I like looking at young males via that lens. My brother went through adolescence as I did. He grieved more over breakups than I did. We wanted to highlight the overlap between female and male experiences.

Was There An Episode Or Plotline Involving The Lads That Made You Proudest This Season?

“Ivan’s plot grew on me and I learned to love it.” Sophisticated social and political complexities make episode six his backstory episode. That story’s richness comes from the disarray.

His antagonist, a young guy motivated by justice and social conscience, gets a little high on his own supplies and ends up sharing a life-altering moment with him. My favorite feature is the thorniness.

They return to the island after the season’s end. They are in a bad situation because of Gretchen’s consequences. How about the end?

The exciting part was, and is, Gretchen’s ideas. She tried a girl’s and a boy’s island. Now she’ll smash them all together to emphasize her point even more. So if they blow up, as she hopes, she’s proven her point of gynotopia.

The joy for us is witnessing the strengths and limitations of these youngsters in their own islands and how that will impact dynamics among the ladies, men, and the entire group. Clearly they’re on to an island. They realize what’s happened. And they’re no long in the dark.

We knew there are locations with mattresses, running water, and food, but I was interested, as did Sarah. The metaphor for coming-of-age has always been a bit grim for many kids. And it is sometimes.

That leaves the question of what else comes out of you to make survival even more difficult. Our dream is to play in the globe of if a season 3 is granted. And in episode five, Faber asks, “Did things start to fall apart because all your demands were met?” That happens occasionally.

What Excites You About Possibilities Of Both Girls And Males Navigating This Jointly?

Streicher: Combining chemistry. As a writer, you’re tempted to mix up your favorite characters. High school was an all-girls school, which helped me become unrestrained.

I finally emerged. And there will be an examination of what occurs when you meet a different gender. So, do inhibitions rise or fall? And really, bouncing these favorite characters off each other in new configurations.

Even if the show hasn’t renew for a third season, you seem to be laying the groundwork for it.

Season 3 would be fantastic for us because we know exactly where the show is going. Season 3 might be fantastic if a Amazon gods were kind to us, and we’re quite thrilled about where we can all take the show.

Was There Anything In Particular That You Were Proud Of That Other Teen Shows Didn’t Tackle?

Streicher: I’m pleased of the young women’s diverse origins. In fact, I chose these people almost as carefully as Gretchen did. The complexity and intimacy of our relationship has provided a particular truth to the characters’ worlds and struggles, which I’m trying to depict with a lot of empathy.

During the first two seasons, whose character’s storyline surprised you?

Harris: I’m not sure if it surprised us when we were creating it, but I think it did the audience. Two different women’s sexual explorations, one openly queer and the other more closed. And we couldn’t wait to tell their story.

Incredibly, it seemed to touch the fandom in a way that I had hoped it would. We were all waiting to see how Leah would fare as season 2 progressed. “Oh, she’s actually…” we thought.

In [episode] 2×08, we talked about it. She is a fighter. At the end of season 1, I’m not sure we fully anticipate going there. “Oh, that’s where we’re going,” we thought as season 2 developed. Then again, it was a bit of a surprise to me. Was that a shock to you, Sarah?

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