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Tight Groin | The Best Groin Stretches For Flexibility

Tight Groin

Tight Groin | The Best Groin Stretches For Flexibility: The groin is a particularly vulnerable part of the body to injury. According to Movement Vault founder and physical therapist Grayson Wickham.

However, “vulnerability isn’t weakness, but a strength,” as Brené Brown emphasized in her enormously successful Ted Talk for groin muscles. The opposite is true: groin weakness can result in groin injury.

Tight Groin | The Best Groin Stretches For Flexibility

Tight Groin What Is The Groin?

The groin is the area where the legs meet the pelvis. In addition, 7yhj to the hip adductors (inside thigh), the hip flexors (front of thigh) and the glutes (back of thigh) make up the groin, says Erin Abell, DPT, a Pure Barre physical therapist.

Your groin helps maintain your knees, back, ankles, and core stable and healthy, she says.

Your Groin Is Most Likely Tight

Unless you’re a professional dancer or yoga instructor, your groin muscles are probably tense. “Our bodies adapt to the positions we spend the most time in,” says Wickham. “All that sitting puts all your groin muscles in a shortened position.”

This stiffness is compounded because we rarely move beyond the frontal plane (forward and back), says Wickham. Runners, cyclists, walkers, and even CrossFitters rarely train their muscles transversely. Wickham claims this causes even greater hip and groin stiffness.

Improving Groin Mobility

Muscles that are too tight ache! (Are you reading this post and saying, “Oh, my groin is so tight!” because it feels good?) According to Abell, improving groin mobility can reduce pain and discomfort. Winning!

It can help reduce groin-related muscular ailments like strains, she adds.

Oh, and “the hip bone is related to the knee bone”? Abell says it fits. “The jingle describes how one joint’s health is affected by the health of nearby joints.” In physical treatment, it’s called regional interdependence. “Optimizing groin flexibility, strength, and coordination can assist safeguard your back, knees, ankles, and feet throughout the regular activity,” she explains.

Improved groin mobility can help athletes perform better in activities like soccer, martial arts, rugby, rock climbing, and yoga, says Meghan Braun, D.P.T., C.S.C.S., owner of Body Mechanics Physical Therapy in Jacksonville, FL.

The Best Tight Groin Stretches

Yes, it is possible to increase groin mobility. She explains that slowly stretching and strengthening your groin muscles will help you enhance and maintain groin mobility while lowering your chance of groin injury.


This basic hamstring stretch also loosens the groin.

A. Sit on the floor, legs straddled, knees pointed upwards, feet flexed.

B. Then, softly walk forward with hands braced midline. Lowest possible chest to floor without curving lower or upper back.

C. Hold for 30 seconds, then exhale slowly to sink lower. Rep 3 times before returning to the start.


Frog stretch, or Mandukasana in yoga, is a hip-opening groin stretch.

A. Assume a crouching position with hands beneath shoulders.

B. With knees bent at 90 degrees, slowly slide knees outward as far as possible. Change to forearms or maintain hands placed, as desired.

C. Crush the adductors (inner thighs) for 10 seconds. Relax, inhale deeply, and lower (if you can).

D. Return to the start after ten rounds of 10-second contractions.


While this may have been your favorite way to sit in Kindergarten, it is no longer a comfortable position.

A. Sit on the floor, soles touching.

B. Keep shoulders down and back while allowing knees to fall open. Move feet closer to the groin for more intensity.

C. Focus on long, slow deep breaths for 30 seconds. Repeat for 30 seconds each time.


This stretch is helpful for glutes, groin, and hamstrings, according to Wickham.

A. Begin on hands and knees at a tabletop.

B. Pulling the belly button towards the spine works the core. Maintain a flat back and a tight torso as you lift your right leg to the side.

C. Lift to hip height without dumping your weight onto the other leg.

D. For 10 seconds, flex glutes and abductors. Relax and repeat three times before lowering the leg and repeating on the other leg.

Squatting Cossack

The cossack squat can help you build quadriceps, glutes, hip flexors, and core strength.

A. Taking a huge step out to the left with feet hip-width apart.

B. Lower yourself as far as you can while keeping a proud chest. (This might be hip height, or you could go lower, so your butt is practically touching your heel.) Move weight from right foot to right heel, elevating toes.

C. 10 second hold Rep. 8 reps each side

Squats On A Straddle

Abell suggests this squat modification if the Cossack squat is too easy.

A. Toes pointed out at about 15 degrees, with feet somewhat broader than hip-width apart.

B. Brace midline, then press hips back and bend knees.

C. Keep lowering until you feel stretched or your knees are 90 degrees.

D. Tighten glutes for 30 seconds. Release, sink a little rep two more times.

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