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Trevor Jackson | A Closer Look at Trevor Jackson’s Life

trevor jackson

Trevor Jackson | A Closer Look at Trevor Jackson’s Life: If you’ve been following the rise of Trevor Jackson, you know that he has many talents, including singing and acting. This article will give you some background on this multi-talented American. In this article, we will discuss his music, dance, and acting career. In addition, you’ll learn about his latest project: a mixtape called “In My Feelings.”

Trevor Jackson | A Closer Look at Trevor Jackson’s Life

trevor jackson

Trevor Jackson Is An American Singer, Actor, Songwriter, And Dancer

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Trevor Jackson is an American singer, actor, and songwriter. He has released multiple singles, an EP, and a mixtape. Also he is an accomplished actor, with recent appearances in Broadway musicals such as ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Eureka.’ In addition to his many film roles, Jackson has a number of television projects on the horizon, including a series based on the science fiction novel Eureka.

He Has Released A Mixtape Called “In My Feelings”

While he is known for doing the hooks for established rappers, Trevor Jackson has released his own mixtape called “In My Feeling,” which is produced by DJ Sense and features Mystikal, Kevin Gates, and Iamsu!. The project is a definite must-listen for fans of alternative hip-hop. Here, we take a closer look at his latest project and what to expect from it.

He Has Starred In A Drama Film

The talented actor is currently starring in the Myriad Pictures’ adaptation of Meyers Media Group’s Mace, a crime drama about an escaped convict. His most notable roles include “Grown-ish” and “Superfly.” In the film, he plays Virgil Woods, a cop who is working with the police department to put down a gang war and save the city.

He Is A Jack Of All Trades

As a senior in the studio arts department at LMU, Trevor Jackson has many hats. He is an established actor and photographer, as well as a movie dresser. In addition to his responsibilities at school, he has been featured on PBS NewsHour and KCET. His wide range of interests and skills has allowed him to capture stories that are near and dear to his heart.


Known for his installation at the ICA in Gateshead, Trevor Jackson has exhibited his work in a variety of venues across the world. He has performed live in London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. His music reflects a variety of musical styles, including techno, drone, and no wave. He has created music videos and works with other artists to make interactive installations.

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