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Triangle Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Rumors Create A Type Triangle

Triangle Pokemon

Triangle Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Rumors Create A Type Triangle: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet enthusiasts have some hypotheses about the evolutions and typings of the starters, with more prominent ones creating a distinct triangle.

With the exception of Pokemon Yellow, the Pokemon franchise has used Grass, Fire, & Water starters. Even so, due to the rarity of the starters, players in Pokemon Yellow would be able to include Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

Triangle Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Rumors Create A Type Triangle

Triangle Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet Or Violet Both Have This Exact Triangle

This typing choice forms the perfect triangle, with fire beating grass, grass beating water, and water beating fire. Other types of triangles exist in the franchise, although not all are as appealing, and many may be powerful in the early game.

Pokemon Scarlet or Violet both have this exact triangle, and it appears that it is doubling down upon that. Rumors and speculation are almost always inaccurate, yet it’s astonishing how well two major fan ideas create a perfect triangle.

However, it should note that some of ideas are based on a fan theory concerning Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s trailer.

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player pages include three photographs of the starters that fans have associated with them. Fuecoco has a bowl of food, Sprigatito has a flamenco dancer, and Quaxly has a windmill.

The Fuecoco Of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Can Be A Fire/Steel Cucafera

While many believe Fuecoco will take on a Ghost Pepper design and become a Fire/Ghost-type, there also is speculation about Fuecoco is dependent on a Cucafera.

These dragon-like creatures with massive shells on their backs are frequently spotted at festivals. Not to mention that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Fuecoco would be a definite standout, and it would be great to have a much more defensive Pokemon amongst some of the new starters.

As a result, it would be shocking to see Fuecoco’s evolutionary in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet adopting a Cucafera design and possibly be capable of launching burning food from a cannon-like mechanism in its shell.

This shell could indicate a Steel type, and a Fire/Steel kinds is an unusual yet fantastic combination. After all, Heatran is the franchise’s only Fire/Steel-type, and there’s always a compelling justification for Game Freak to experiment with new typings and/or expand uncommon ones.

If You’re A Fan Of Flamenco, Sprigatito Could Be Your New Best Friend

Even while it makes perfect sense for a cat to describe Sprigatito’s Pokedex entry as “loving attention,” the idea of a star-studded Pokémon is also present.

Sprigatito’s Flamenco dancer ancestry connects it to Scarlet and Violet’s Spanish heritage, making logic. If indeed the design is excellent, Sprigatito will be able to walk on all fours.

Getting a Flamenco-dancing feline cat isn’t that far-fetched for the Fairy-type. Fairy-type starters aren’t uncommon in the Pokemon universe. In fact, Primarina was one of the first Pokemon starters to be Fairy-type.

Grass/Fairy hints that Sprigatito’s final evolution would really be vulnerable to Dragon-type attacks. In the end, Sprigatito from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet would be a wonderful choice.

Quaxly, A Pokemon Owned By Scarlet And Violet, Can Be A Water/Fighting Knight

The connection between Quaxly and the windmill might need a little more explanation, but it’s not hard to understand. Fans had also thought since the beginning that Quaxly is been based on Don Quixote.

Whose main character attacks a windmill because he thinks it is a giant. So, comparing Quaxly to Don Quixote suggests that Quaxly could become more like a knight.

Water/Fighting makes sense if Quaxly has become a knight through Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet. Sirfetch’d, a Pokemon that looks like a knight and uses the Fighting type, would be a good comparison.

The Pros And Cons Of Scarlet And Violet’s Perfect Triangle In Pokemon

What really proves this theory is how these three move together if the ultimate phase of Fuecoco is Fire/Steel. Also, Sprigatito is Grass/Fairy, as well as Quaxly is Water/Fighting. Fuecoco beats Sprigatito, Sprigatito beats Quaxly, as well as Quaxly beats Sprigatito based on their base types.

When you think about the other ways it could use, it fits perfectly. Fighting beats Steel, Fighting beats Fairy, and Fairy beats Fighting. In this case, the secondary type makes another perfect triangle on top of Scarlet and Violet’s starter Pokemon.

Sprigatito’s Grass/Fairy is completely defeated by Fuecoco’s Fire/Steel, which is the highest of the triangle. Sprigatito’s Grass/Fairy totally beats Quaxly’s Water/Fighting, and Fuecoco’s Fire/Steel beats Quaxly’s Water/Fighting.

It’s hard to say for sure what Game Freak did, and we won’t know for sure until Pokemon Scarlet & Violet come out, but this perfect triangle would be hard to ignore, given that it was clearly inspired by their designs.

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