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Untangles Hair | Try These Ways To Untangle Hair

Untangles Hair

Untangles Hair | Try These Ways To Untangle Hair: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about the most common problem when we de-tangle our. May this information is useful for you.

Untangles Hair | Try These Ways To Untangle Hair

Detangle Your Hair

What Are The Causes Behind Our Tangling Of Hair?

We loose about 100 of hair strands in our hair life. Its all depends on the smoothness of strands if it is smooth then it fall from scalp without tangled. If it is dry then it starts interwinging with other hair strands.

Another factor of smoothness hair strands its depend on outer layer. Each strand’s cuticle is its outer protective layer. This has a scaly appearance. When your hair’s cuticles are damaged, the scales open up and your hair becomes rough and tangled.

The main reason behind the damage of cuticles is singular root cause of the hair type one’s have.

Lack Of Hydration

If we use heat tools regularly on our hair like straighners, blow dryers and curlers it remove the moisture and damages the cuticles in hair. It damages the condition of hair.


If we use the hair chemicals such as hair sprays, dyes, colors etc on hair without giving a break to them it breaks the cuticles because it harms to hair shafts.


When we overwash our hair with synthetic shampoos combined with cleansers it removes the natural oils from the scalp.

Every Problem Has Solution, How To De-tangle Hair Properly

We should apply some oil in our hair, for more goodness also add few drops of some essential oil. After applying, leave it for 15 mintues so it can retain some moisture and use fingers for removing the knots.

We should brush our hair gently. We should use wide-tooth comb for detangling hair. There is a way for removing tangles we should always starts with the end.

Always wash your hair with cold water, hot water damage the hair. Herbal shampoos are the best shampoos we can use for hair wash. The main part of applying shampoo is on scalp rather than on length of hair.

After washing hair, we should use conditioner for giving a life and smoothness to the hair. We should apply conditioner on length rather than on scalp.

There are some different ways as well like we should use hair masks, serums these gives a nourishment to the hair.

We should just squeeze extra water of hair when we wash it. We should use muslin cloth for drying our hair.

If our hair are so thick divide it into sections, it easily de-tangle hair and does’nt rip off the hair.

Always remember to be gentle while de-tangling your hair.

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