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Video Call Apps, Some Useful Information About The Apps

Video Call Apps

Useful Information About The Video Call Apps: This article give information about video apps on which we are doing video chatting with our friends. It tells how many people allow to add in the app. There’s an app for that, probably more than you think. Video chat apps are gaining popularity.

Facebook’s Messenger (used for video chat) is currently No. 11 on Apple’s free iOS app chart. WhatsApp (primarily chat) is No. 23.

FaceTime is preloaded on iPhones, so it’s not included in the chart, and Google Duo is now preloaded on many Android phones.

Find ones where your friends are already – or willing to go. The apps will only work if you know other people there. No, not everyone can use Apple’s FaceTime, despite its popularity.

Are you making new friends? Unlike FaceTime, Skype, and other apps, pop. in is used to meet new people. The app has been used by people stuck at home, like caregivers or parents with young children, for months.

Useful Information About The Video Call Apps

Video Call Apps

Whose App Is Growing Daily

Each week, pop. in has grown by 25-30%. Increasing usage necessitated new server capacity recently.
You don’t want to see anyone, but you crave human connection. Many are starting to realise that people still want to connect with other humans.

His app allows people to meet and make friends, similar to going to a bar or comedy show, where strangers can play a game and talk.


The world’s most popular free texting app, with a global audience. It allowed maximum 4 people in the call.


One of the most popular video apps due to the 1 billion iPhone users. That means you can’t call people with Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phones. A call can have 32 participants.

Google Duo

Here’s an answer for those who don’t care about Apple or Android. The Duo is cross-platform and not just for phones. Google’s Nest Hub video display units include Duo video calling, and Google has tools to answer Duo calls on the computer. The maximum number of callers is 8.


Google Hangouts, a multiplatform video chat app, has long been famous. Despite Google’s marketing focus on Duo, the Hangouts app is still available in app stores. Maximm no. of callers allowed are 10.


Firstly popularise to make free international calls, Microsoft now owns it, and it’s shifted Skype’s focus from personal to business. Microsoft now advertises “3 simple clicks” to start a meeting with Skype.

Unlike Messenger and FaceTime, modern Skype focuses on communication rather than adding funny stickers and GIFs to your face during a call. Maximum number of users allowed in video call is 50.


Zoom is a free app. The session is limited to 40 minutes. Plans for more participants and longer meetings start at $14.99/month. It is 100 people are for free if it is more than fee may apply.

FB Messenger

The popular Facebook chat app is primarily used for chatting, but it also supports video and audio calls.

The Messenger app for kids is linking to a parent or adult account, allowing them to add t contacts that are trustable and monitor exchanges. (The profile image for the kids’ account are taken using the app’s camera.) Six people can be on a call is only allow by app.


Game developer Epic Games, which owns the hugely popular Fortnite game, now owns the teen video chat app. Maximum number of participants are allowed is 8.

Pop. In

Nightly games (Crazy Eights, Liar’s Poker) are from 8-11 p.m. During a pregame lottery, up to six players are chosen to appear on camera. One hundred people can be on a video call.

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