Google chrome stands out as the most used web browser in the world. Still, Mozilla Firefox boasts of more than 800,000,000 users, with above 250,000,000 being active monthly. And this is no wonder when you consider Firefox’s most endearing features.

Its strong community is one to take note of as it plays a major role in Firefox’s popularity. The community helps to enhance one’s browsing experience and allows users to tweak their browsers as they see fit. To do this, they make available to users thousands of themes ready for installation.

When it comes to the features of this browser, Firefox themes remain outstanding. Though they are not geeky, they have a hand in attracting users to the browser. But what exactly are they?

Simply put, Firefox themes are add-ons that allow users to change their browser’s look. As a beginner looking to customize your Firefox browser, you no doubt wonder where to find these themes. Not to worry, you are not alone. Even regular users sometimes forget how to go about it. Therefore, this article is here to help users (both beginners and regulars) access Firefox themes. 

Where to find themes for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox does not only provide a variety of themes for users, but they also make them easy to access. You do not need to stress yourself or install external software to find themes. You can get them from your Firefox browser. Below is a guide that will help you do so in three steps.

  • Launch your Firefox browser on your desktop or PC.
  • Go to the menu, then select add-ons.
  • Click on themes. Here, you’ll see a recommended list of Firefox themes that you can install for your browser. You can scroll down to find more that suits you. Then, all you will need to do is install the theme and wait for the changes.

Through this method, you can access various highly rated themes. However, it does not get you access to the thousands of Firefox themes available. Still, you may find a theme that you feel comfortable with. But if not, you can try visiting the Firefox theme gallery.

The Mozilla Firefox theme gallery takes you to the front door of thousands of Firefox add-ons, not just themes. Isn’t that interesting? You can search for and install add-ons that will improve your browsing experience.

You only need to visit https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/themes/ to access the theme gallery. Or better still, click here to get started. 

Once you do, all that is left is to search for a theme you like, then install it. You can try exploring different categories from ‘nature’ to ‘scenery. You can also try the recommended themes section.

Once you find a theme of your choice, click on it. You’ll see different information about that theme from the designer, to reviews and ratings. From there, you can tell just how great a theme is and what other users think about that theme. With that in mind, you can choose to explore themes under the ‘top-rated’ themes and ‘trending themes’ section.

Of course, there is also an option for you to rate a theme when you select it. And if you like a theme, you can try other themes by the same designer. 

Truly, there is no doubt that Firefox is fully prepared to help users customize their browsers. And the ever-growing Mozilla community and enthusiastic designers only make this better as they ensure there is never a shortage of Firefox themes. So, you can rest assured that you’ll always find alternatives to your theme whenever you need them.

Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, you now know where to go to access the tons of Firefox themes out there. As seen above, you only need to search for a theme that appeals to you and click the install option. 

Whenever you feel like returning to the basics, visit the menu of your browser, tap add-ons, then themes. Here, you can disable the enabled theme, and enable another theme of your choice. This shows you can have more than one theme installed. By disabling the enabled theme, your browser will automatically return to the default theme. And whenever you feel you don’t need a theme anymore, you can easily remove it from this page.

Firefox has no doubt proved itself worthy of being counted amongst the top browsers of our day. Being the first choice of many, it is expected to only get better in the future. And with each improvement, you can expect a corresponding increase in Firefox’s themes.

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