Home Food White Sauce Pasta | Tasty Creamy Recipe By DeetsForYou

White Sauce Pasta | Tasty Creamy Recipe By DeetsForYou

White Sauce Pasta

White Sauce Pasta | Tasty Creamy Recipe By DeetsForYou: Hey guys, today’s topic to share some recipes about the tasty white sauce pasta. As we all know, we have the curiosity to make such delicious things at home during the pandemic time. May this article will help you and blow up your mind.

White Sauce Pasta | Tasty Creamy Recipe By DeetsForYou


About Recipe

White Sauce Pasta is a simple recipe for the delicious white sauce of cooked pasta – also referred to as Béchamel Sauce. Prepare the white sauce with a mixture of butter, milk, flour and spices.

The famous vegetarian dish can serve as a light dinner or snack. Add a few mixed vegetables to make it more hearty and nutritious.

Whole wheat pasta is always a good healthy choice when you prepare pasta. I have used wheat penne whole in this recipe, but you can use any pasta that you want, including various varieties such as macaroni, rigatoni, and farfalle.

This recipe tells how to make this delicious pasta without veggies.

Ingredients Use In This Recipe

  • Pasta ( Any type Penne Or Any)
  • 1 tb Salt
  • 4-5 Cups Of Water
  • 2 tb butter
  • 2 tb all purpose flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/4 black pepper
  • 1 tb oregano
  • 1 tb chilly flakes
  • 1/4 salt ( according to taste)
  • Cheese cube
  • Fresh Cream

Preparation of Creamy White Sauce Pasta

Add 4-5 cups of water in the bowl and add some salt as this make pasta to boil more early. Then add pasta 100 grams pasta into it and medium the flame for boiling it. Look time to time during boiling process because whole recipe base on the pasta as we all know. Just check time to from the fork or spoon as it boil properly or not.

After checking that pasta has been boiled. After boiling drain it into the cold water and also soak it.

Now the main process has been start that is white sauce. In the hot pan add 2 tb butter and wait until it melt. After melting of butter add all purpose flour into it and use whisk or spatula so that it will be consistent in thick consistency. All purpose flour should be add immediately.

Now add some of the milk for 1 glass and just use whisk so the milk mix with all purpose flour then add remaining milk into the pan and use whisk in that way that it should mix so that it should be in a medium consistency.

After that when whole flour mix with the milk then a step which is more important that is the adding of spice. As we all know by adding spices the food will be tasty and delicious.

Add whole spices according to you or otherwise i listed above ingredients. Add black pepper, Salt according to taste , oregano, chilly flakes and also use whisk or spatula side by side for mix the spices nicely.

Then add cheese cube by grating it and add into the sauce. Some fresh cream also can make delicious this is upon you or optional. Fresh cream gives a fresh taste to sauce and a good consistency to it.

After adding all these just mix it with whisk and spatula. Now add the whole soaked pasta in the sauce and mix it and heat it on low flame. Now enjoy it and serve it in the beautiful plates and also does plating it will look good and add some beauty to it. A food should be equally delicious and beautiful because we firstly see food and then eat it.

Key Fact

The whole process of sauce is heated on the low flame because it has some delicate ingredients which does not cook properly or maybe burn during the process of making of the sauce.

Many thanks for reading this article. Please share it if you like it and also comment your viewpoints and also comment you want more recipe on which food item.

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