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Why And How To Use Mockuuups Studio

Mockuuups Studio

Why And How To Use Mockuuups Studio

To achieve anything that sparks from your creative gray cells, you need to envision the future and view your creation in its final stage. This vision makes your end goal clear and helps you pave your path to achieving that goal. Mockups are beneficial for people who lack that vision. 

According to NYTimes, bring out the software to sketch out your ideas with 3D models and mockups before you get the hardware out. Everything’s better, from construction and home renovations to website creation with a mockup of the actual finished product first.

Nowadays, mockups are mainly used as static designs of web pages or applications that feature many of their final design elements but are not functional yet. It serves as a visual draft of what a web page or application would be like when it is finished. 

Mockups give stakeholders, clients and the working team the ability to visualize what that page or product will look like while making suggestions for changes and how that potential change might look.

Mockuuups Studio

To create a mockup, you will need the right tools. There are tools and numerous apps in the market today, acting as mockup generators designed specifically for creating mockups. In this article, you will read about Mockuuups Studio, one of the most popular apps that generate mockups to showcase your product.

Mockuuups Studio is one of the fastest ways for designers and marketers to drag & drop visuals into 1300+ mockups. It is loved by freelancers, teams, and companies worldwide, like Microsoft, Digitas, Yahoo, Geocaching, etc. 

There are several reasons why Mockuuups Studio is one of the fastest and easiest mockup generators on the market. Some of them are as follows:

Compatible With Several Systems

The Mockuuups Studio app is compatible with many major operating systems like Mac (macOS 10.11 and later versions), Windows (Windows 7 and later versions), Linux etc.

Free Sample Plan

When you try the app for the first time, you can try a sample screen for free, which allows you to preview your screen on the entire mockup collection and export a limited amount of mockups in high quality. This free sample plan is fully functional, giving you a sense of the app’s features and quality of content. You can upgrade to its premium features and collection if you like it.

Video Tutorials To Use And Understand

The app greets you with a long list of short video tutorials to introduce its features, workings, practices and shortcuts to speed up your workflow without wasting any time. Some of the video tutorials are how to get started, how to import and adjust a screenshot, use filters, use Sketch and Figma plugins, etc.

Simple Image Upload

Once you know how to use the app properly, you can drag and drop your images into the app window or upload them from any spot on your computer. It is the easiest way to upload images since your visuals will be positioned automatically to the app’s scenes.

Ready-To-Use Scenes

Mockuuups Studio has 500+ scenes to choose from, all ready-to-use and stored in one handy spot. You can switch between different backgrounds and device types to achieve the desired result. It is even possible to choose whether to include hands typing on your Mac keyboard or holding a device.

Preview Mockups 

The app allows you to preview mockups instantly after applying a specific orientation, which helps to view how your visuals look in native settings.

Save Your Favorites

Some things just fit into your creative vision better than others. Rather than keeping on experimenting, you can save your preferences to Favorites by clicking on the heart signs. This selection lets you reuse those chosen images for multiple projects in the future.

Easily Searchable Gallery

There is no need to Google anything you need in the creation process. You can simply search in Mockuuups Studio. Just state your requirements, and the app will show you the options available. Moreover, all scenes are organized by criteria, so finding the one that meets your needs is effortless.

Integration with Sketch, Photoshop, and Figma

Mockuuups Studio caters to every designer by integrating professional tools like Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop. The designers also appreciate the opportunity to keep their creations in one spot, which is synced and updated consistently. Any change in the original file is also reflected across your mockups.

Anyone who has been involved in designing a website or application is aware of the value of creating a mockup. Mockups allow a team to be intentional about its design choices and open the doors to feedback, making the product as best as it can be. With the list of features mentioned above of Mockuuups Studio, you can now make an informed decision on choosing this app to help with your mockup-creating requirements. 

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