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Wine Chips | You Need To Pair With Vino Forget About Cheese Boards

Wine Chips

Wine Chips | You Need To Pair With Vino Forget About Cheese Boards: A charcuterie board has long been seen as the only acceptable way to nibble while sipping wine. If nothing else, the pinot grigio-tasting bites will keep you from overindulging on your aperitif.

As well as garner hundreds of heart-eye emoji comments on your Instagram post. There is no denying that purchasing expensive cheeses, crackers, and cheddars and then meticulously arranging them on a board may be a time-consuming chore.

Wine Chips | You Need To Pair With Vino Forget About Cheese Boards

Wine Chips

Instead, what cheesy wine snack can you whip up quickly and serve to your guests? Crunchy potato chips made specifically to go with a glass (or three) of vino, called “Wine Chips.”

Small-batch, lattice-cut chips coat with a thick, salty cheese powder are made in Napa Valley, California, by the firm of the same name. Aside from the fact that they excellent if they were wine-flavor, they are not.

Though they appear to be your typical chips, you can expect to be greet with a variety of cheese flavors that pair perfectly with your vino.

For your wine rack, there’s a chip made just for it. The Smoked Gouda chips, a combination of smokiness, sweetness, and saltiness, are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of cabernet sauvignon.

Fans of Pinot Grigio will enjoy the Asiago variant, which has a subtle, nutty flavor that complements the crisp, refreshing white wine. Strawberry, watermelon, and citrus flavors in the Manchego type make it an excellent choice for those who want to drink rosé “all day.”

For those who don’t like the taste of Blue Cheese, these chips are a great accompaniment to sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay, as well as to port and dessert wines.

How To make?

To make the wine snacks as visually appealing as its predecessor the original cheese platter pour the Wine Chips into eye-catching snack bowls. As well as arrange them on a rustic presentation platter.

Add another bowl of Wine Chips’ Spicy Calabrese flavor, a cheese-free, meatless wine snack with the same spicy, umami flavor as Calabrese salami. Or omit the proteins entirely. There’s a good chance that these will quickly replace your current go-to drams.

Even if you’ve had a few drinks, you’re probably not thinking about nutrition, but it’s still important to bring up. There are 7 grams of fat, 2 to 3 grams protein, and 130 to 150 calories in a one-ounce portion of Wine Chips (13 crisps), depending on the flavor.

Is Wine Chips Are Healthy?

According to a 1-cube of Asiago cheese, the chips have roughly the same amount of fat. Also, 27% more sodium, and 30% more calories compared to the USDA. It’s no surprise that the cheese offers more protein per serving than the chips do.

Wine Chips aren’t the healthiest of snacks, but if you’re want to add some protein to your wine snack, you can do so by sprinkling them with the same nuts you’d use on a charcuterie board.

To get your hands on a starter kit that includes a 3-ounce metal tube of chips and two refill bags of your chosen flavor, you’ll pay $20.

For $80, you can get the Wine Chips Cheese Collection, which includes starter kits of all four cheesy tastes and is perfect for your next at-home (preferably, post-coronavirus) wine tasting or GNI.

Whichever delectable bundle you decide to add to your shopping list. You can be assured that you’ll have more time to relax with friends and less time to learn about wine pairings.

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